Gift Ideas for the procrastinator

Hello lovely readers!

5 days left and Bradley and I still need to shop as you know from yesterdays post. We are actually going today once Bradley gets off work. With only 5 days left here are some ideas that you can get at stores and a great gift they will be sure to love.

For Her:

For the craft lover:

Cricut Explore Air 2 or Silhouette CAMEO 3

Prismacolor colored pencils

For the makeup lover:

Gel nail kit

Naked palette

For the cooking lover:

KitchenAid Mixer

Gold Measuring cups/Gold Measuring spoons

For the coffee/wine lover:


Wine glasses/Wine glasses

For Him:

For the video game lover:

PS4 Pro/Xbox One

PS4 games/Xbox One games

For the tech lover:

Nest Thermostat

GoPro Hero

Most of these are expensive but maybe they already have one of these things, but their are tons of accessories that go with them. Like cartridges for the Cricut, paper pads,ect. Next year (and I hope I am still doing this) I want to try to get these posts done sooner and different price ranges. Good luck if you still need to shop and have a great holiday.



Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the procrastinator(s)

Hello lovely readers!

There are 6 days left and my fiancé and I still have shopping to do. I know we are not the only ones who put it off. For those of you who still need to shop, then you have stopped by the perfect post. If you do stockings for a special lady or man in your life, here are some last minute ideas for you.

For Her:

For the makeup lover- Nail Polish, Makeup, Face Masks, gift card to ULTA or Sephora

For the crafter- Washi tape, alcohol markers (Copic, Spectrum Niors),  gift card to [JoAnn’s, Michaels,  or Hobby Lobby]

For the book lover- Amazon gift card for Kindle books, Barnes and Noble gift card for Nook books

Other gift card options-Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Home Goods, Fast food restaurants, Barnes and Noble, ect.

Movie, Wallflower plug and refills, kitchen gadgets, Alex and Ani bracelet(s)

For Him:

For the video game lover: GameStop gift card, actual video game they want

His favorite cologne/body spray


Small Lego Sets

Gift cards-Amazon, Best Buy, The LEGO store, fast food restaurants

I hope these ideas help and your special person loves their stockings this year. Here is also a list of 101 stocking stuffer ideas. Have a great holiday!

Stocking stuffer ideas


Deck the halls

Hello lovely readers!

Can you believe it, Christmas is in 6 days. This year I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me. Bradley and I also have barely shopped for anyone yet. We have two things that we got around black Friday/cyber Monday and crafts we have made, but as for getting the rest of the gifts, we still need to do that. Anyway on to what this post is really about, our Christmas decorations up around the house. We put our decorations up the first weekend in December and I loved how our house looks. I meant to do a blog post (this one right here) on the day we put up our decorations, but of course something came up and I never got around to it. But its never to late so here you go.

Our lights up outside



The candle is Flannel from Bath and Body Works

This year we got our first tree topper and I am in love with it. When I saw it at the store I fell in love because its a sparkly star and the cherry on top, it lights up the ceiling and spins. I tried adding a video, but I can’t because I don’t have a premium membership. The last picture is what it looks like on the ceiling, but it does not do it justice. The star is from Target though and I will leave a link below.


The little tree in our craft room

Also through out the house we have Christmas hand towels and Christmas/winter wallflower scents all over the house. I love decorating for Christmas and wish I could keep it up longer then a month. I also can’t wait to get a house of my own so I can have more decorations up all over the house and to be able to buy more/different decorations. I hope you all have a great holiday.



Star Tree Topper


What I got for Christmas

Hello wonderful readers! As promised here is my post about what I got for Christmas this year. By posting this I am not trying to brag. Lots of people on youtube show what they got so I decided, why not write a blog post about it. So here goes….

On Christmas Eve my boyfriend and I celebrate with just his parents, since on Christmas morning we celebrate with my family. From my boyfriends mom and dad in my stocking from them I got many little goodies. I got candy (whats Christmas without candy), headbands and a wash cloth that grows in water. My big gift from them this year was an Ipad mini 2, and I am in love. I had the first Ipad mini, but the screen cracked on it and I was afraid to use it. So this year since mine was broken they got me a new one. As well as my Ipad, I got some POP figures, a mini Flash stuffed beanie thing, the Minions movie, a wax warmer with wax refils and some PJ’s. I am so grateful for what they got me and love everything I got.

The next morning with Christmas with my family I got more great stuff as well. First thing we do in my family is open our stockings. This year in our stockings we got a luffa on a stick, magnets for the fridge with a cute quote on it, candy, a adult coloring book and colored pencils. My mom got different ones for each of us, but for me she got a Harry Potter one. I can not wait to start coloring in it. We also got stockings from my Grandma, that was full of candy, food, and instead of a gift we got money.


Moving on to gifts this year starting with my sister, she got me Red converse. If you could see my closet, I have 7 pairs. I have pink ones with my name on the back, pink with white polka dots, blue with white polka dots, teal, plain white, gray and blue. From my mom I got clothes (blue denim button up shirt, scarf, plaid shirt and vest),the newest Apple TV, some Alex and Ani braclets (a peace sign and an Emerald), A Clarisonic 2, a pair of dark purple converse, Uggs with bows on the back, a new cookbook, and a light up marquee letter.

After Christmas with my family we go to Bradley’s mom’s sides Christmas. Instead of buying for everyone, we only buy for one person. But his grandma bought for everyone. This year the person who bought for me was Bradley’s dad. He got me two movies; Age of Adaline and Magic Mike XXL. And from his grandma I got minion PJ pants, a minion shirt, lotion/soap, a scarf and a big mug with hot chocolate mix.

And our last stop of the day is to Bradley’s dad’s side. There we only get for his grandma and grandpa. But his grandma and grandpa get a bag of stuff for all that’s a free for all for all the different families, and one specific gift for each person. This year from them I got a penguin cookie jar full of hot chocolate, as well as money. In Bradley and I’s bag we got an umbrella, food, gloves, clips, candy and a towel and oven mitt set with a penguin on it. IMG_1495.jpg

Apart from my family, I also got gifts from my mom’s boyfriends dad (Olive Garden gift card); my grandma’s neighbor (Amazon gift card); my grandma’s other neighbor (Amazon gift card); my Aunt, Uncle and cousins (DSW gift card), and one of Bradley’s Aunts (Olive Garden gift card).

This may seem like I am bragging because of all the places and gifts I got but I am not bragging in any way. I am thankful for each and every gift and I gave back to my family and friends as well. Let me know what you got or gave if you celebrate. If you don’t what did you do this holiday season. I’ll see you back here soon for another post.


A warm drink for a cold day!

Hello wonderful readers! I haven’t mentioned this but I live in Ohio and yesterday it was so cold here. This year so far December has been pretty warm, with temperatures being in the high 50’s and 60’s. But yesterday it was in the 20’s. After being out in the cold from shopping, Bradley and I just wanted to get home, build a nice fire and make some Hot Chocolate. I had found a recipe for Crock Pot Hot Chocolate I wanted to try, but instead we tried the Hot Chocolate they made in The Polar Express. It was really good too. The recipe says it will take about 30 to 40 minutes on the stove, but mine took a little bit longer. But it was worth the wait, and since we didn’t drink it all we have 4 Mason Jars of leftovers. I’m sure your reading this and wondering where the recipe is, so here you go.

-1.5 cups Heavy Cream

-1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz

-2 cups bittersweet chocolate chips

-6 cups milk

-1 tsp vanilla extract

Now all you do is combine all the ingredients into a pan on the stove over low heat until all the Chocolate Chips are melted. It should take about 30 to 40 minutes but it might take longer like mine did. Next time it is cold where ever you live, this is the drink for you. I hope you enjoy !

Untitled copy

Christmas countdown craft

Hello wonderful readers! When I was younger I was so excited for Christmas to arrive. Starting in November I would start making a countdown and cross off the days as they went. To this day I still make a countdown. Yes, I am 24 but I still get excited over waking up Christmas morning and seeing all the presents downstairs. As well as the anticipation of what I got. This year I decided to made a countdown with my Cricut. IMG_1429

Once they were made, I knew that since I took my time I didn’t want to throw them away after. So this year I am going to take a picture each day of Bradley and I, or things we are doing that day. I will then put the card in my scrapbook along with the picture so I get a use out of the cards and so I can scrapbook as well. I am excited to work on it once I get the pictures printed off. Along with the whole craft thing I have a little haul for you. Some of the youtubers I watch have mentioned they shopped on a website called Blisty. I checked it out and always found stuff I wanted to buy but never bought it. Finally on Black Friday I bought some stuff. With all the orders placed on Black Friday my orders got backed up. I finally got one of my orders that was 3 stamp sets. I got two Kelly Purkey stamp sets (Food Planner and TV Planner) and a Technique Tuesday stamp set (Foodie).

I am excited to start using them in my planner and I can’t wait till my next Blitsy order arrives. I just got an email actually on Friday and it is supposed to be here on the 23rd. When it arrives I will show you a haul. I hope you had a great weekend and are getting excited for Christmas on Friday. Also come back tomorrow for a updated list of my Disney Infinity Characters and Playsets.

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