Christmas countdown craft

Hello wonderful readers! When I was younger I was so excited for Christmas to arrive. Starting in November I would start making a countdown and cross off the days as they went. To this day I still make a countdown. Yes, I am 24 but I still get excited over waking up Christmas morning and seeing all the presents downstairs. As well as the anticipation of what I got. This year I decided to made a countdown with my Cricut. IMG_1429

Once they were made, I knew that since I took my time I didn’t want to throw them away after. So this year I am going to take a picture each day of Bradley and I, or things we are doing that day. I will then put the card in my scrapbook along with the picture so I get a use out of the cards and so I can scrapbook as well. I am excited to work on it once I get the pictures printed off. Along with the whole craft thing I have a little haul for you. Some of the youtubers I watch have mentioned they shopped on a website called Blisty. I checked it out and always found stuff I wanted to buy but never bought it. Finally on Black Friday I bought some stuff. With all the orders placed on Black Friday my orders got backed up. I finally got one of my orders that was 3 stamp sets. I got two Kelly Purkey stamp sets (Food Planner and TV Planner) and a Technique Tuesday stamp set (Foodie).

I am excited to start using them in my planner and I can’t wait till my next Blitsy order arrives. I just got an email actually on Friday and it is supposed to be here on the 23rd. When it arrives I will show you a haul. I hope you had a great weekend and are getting excited for Christmas on Friday. Also come back tomorrow for a updated list of my Disney Infinity Characters and Playsets.

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