My favorite things: updated

Hello lovely readers!

I am back again with my favorite things A to Z. I did this post back in September of 2016. Looking back on it, I didn’t have some things on the list that I love now. So why not make an updated one. I had just gotten engaged two months before that so I was very into wedding stuff. So basically everything on the list had to do with my now husband or something about marriage/weddings.


  • Alexander Wennberg (Center for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and I got to meet him last year and he’s really cute in person as well lol)
  • Apples (Granny Smith and Honey Crisp)
  • Apple Pie (I made my first apple pie (Longaberger recipe) around Thanksgiving last year, homemade crust and all and it is to die for. Now my mother in law asks me to make the apple pies.)
  • Apple products
  • Apples to Apples game
  • Alladin (Disney Movie)
  • Alice In Wonderland (Disney Movie)
  • Anna from Frozen
  • Avengers movies


  • Bradley (my boyfriend, fiancé, husband)
  • Books (I love reading a good mystery book or romance book. Right now I am reading A Twisted Tale Series book- A Whole New World, and I really love it so far. I can’t wait to read the next 4 books)
  • Beauty and the Beast Disney movie (real and cartoon)
  • Belle for Beauty and the Beast
  • Bob or Sergei Bobrovsky (goalie for the Columbus Blue Jackets)
  • Beaches (I will be going to Florida in 17 days and I can’t wait to go to the beach while their)
  • Buttebeer from Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida (I drank so much of this while their, in the frozen version. It’s like a butterscotch and Carmel drink and its so good)
  • Blogging ( Even though I am bad at it, but recently I have been on a roll)
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries


  • Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team ( Before I met my husband, I was never into sports
  • Coca-Cola (Regular and Cherry, but defiantly Cherry. Yes this is a guilty pleasure. I use to drink so much. Recently though I have been trying to lose to weight and get healthier, so I have been drinking less or none at all.)
  • Crafts/crafting
  • Cricut machines (I love this machine. I love scrapbooking and I would watch videos on YouTube and some of the crafters had this machine and it looked so awesome. You can have it cut out words, write or cut out shapes, and it makes your pages look so cool. I am making my husband a scrapbook and I am using my Cricut to cut out all my titles or write them. As well as cutting out shapes or little people or whatever to give it more detail. You can also buy SVG files on Etsy and then upload that to your Cricut and it will print that for you. I have bought Disney ones and marriage ones.)
  • Coloring
  • Chick Fil A
  • Cinderella (Real and Cartoon Disney Movie)
  • Cinderella from Cinderella
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Crayola colored pencils
  • Cam Atkinson (Right wing for the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team)


  • Disney movies (I am still such a little kid at heart and love pretty much all Disney movies)
  • Dogs (So much better than cats)
  • Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory
  • Disney Springs (I love this place, my husband and I found this place on our honeymoon and its so cool. It’s a bunch of shops that have Disney stuff or small unique shops, along with Brand name place like Pandora. There are also fun places like the Coca Cola store where they have tons of Coca Cola things and you can actually try Coca Cola floats which we plan to do when we go this time. There are also really cool restaurants. Its a fun place to walk around.)
  • Dontes
  • Descendants and Descendants 2 (Disney Movies)


  • Essie Nail Polish ( I love having my nails painted. I try to paint my nails myself but I am horrible and have a hard time waiting for them to dry. If I paint my own I use my gel nail kit. If I do paint my nails I normally like Essie and I have way to many colors from them.)
  • Emily, my sister
  • Etsy
  • Enchanted (Disney Movie)
  • Elsa from Frozen


  • Family
  • Friends the TV show and actual friends
  • The Flash
  • Fall (I love Fall because its cooler out, and I can wear scarfs more often, but I hate it too because it’s getting closer to winter and snow)
  • Finding Nemo (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming)
  • Finding Dory
  • Frozen (Disney Movie)


  • Gossip Girl
  • Grant Gustin (From The Flash)


  • Harry Potter movies
  • Harry Potter World at Universal
  • Harry Potter books
  • Hulu


  • Ice Cream
  • ICCE sparkling water


  • July (July 3, the day we got engaged and July 17 our wedding date)


  • Kathy, my mom


  • Lola (my dog)
  • The Lion King (Disney Movie)
  • The Little Mermaid


  • Moana (Disney Movie)
  • Moana from Moana
  • Movies in general
  • Monograms ( I am obsessed with them. I am monograming everything now a days. I hope to have a little girl(s) so I can monogram stuff of theres)
  • Mangos


  • Netflix
  • Nick Foligno (Center from the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team)



  • Planners
  • Pinterest
  • Penguins
  • The color Pink
  • Propel
  • Pasta
  • Pierre Luc Dubois (Center for the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team)



  • Rapunzal from Tangled
  • Ring (my engagement ring and wedding band)
  • Rasberries


  • Starbucks
  • Strawberry Acai refresher with lemonade instead of water from Starbucks
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sims4
  • Scarfs
  • Strawberries
  • Sleeping Beauty (Disney Movie)


  • Tangled (Disney movie)
  • The color Teal
  • Thirty One
  • A Twisted Tale series


  • Universal Studios (We might go when in Florida but not sure, but I have been twice before and I love it. Especially the Harry Potter World parts)


  • Vacation
  • Video games
  • Vitamin Water


  • Washi Tape ( I have so much it’s not funny, there are just so many cute patterns)
  • Walt Disney World (I cant wait to go back when we are down in Florida)
  • Being a Wife



  • The color Yellow


  • The zoo
  • Zootopia (Disney Movie)
  • Zach Werenski (Defender for the Columbus Blue Jackets)


I hope you enjoyed!


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My painful two months

Hello lovely readers!

I mentioned in my summer is here post all about the bus situation back in August and how it made me so stressed and I got a boil. Right before school started I had shaved my armpits and than I think the very next day I started using this new deodorant called Schmidts Natural Deodorant. It was all good. The first day of school (a Wednesday) rolls around and I learned the news and I was so upset. I remember I texted my husband on my lunch break and as I was texting him about it I almost started crying. When I got home though I called my mom and I cried to her and then to my husband once he called me on his way home from work. I cried then Thursday, and I cried Friday as well.

By Friday though I think my mom was fed up with me crying and she helped me come up with a plan that was not as crazy and where I wasn’t riding the bus as often. I let my teacher know, the principle ,the other attendant and the bus drivers about it and they were all good with it. So I was feeling a lot better. My side however was not. I remember going to a baby shower on that Sunday and my side was kinda hurting but I didn’t know why and I hadn’t seen anything that I remember. Monday though I went to school and I remember leaning over to pick something up off the floor and my bra hit it or whatever and it hurt so bad. So that night I looked on my side to see why it hurt, and there on my side was a nice, red, pimple like bump.

I had no idea what it was, it was hot to touch kinda and it hurt whenever I laid on that side or leaned over. If you didn’t know, whenever I have some kinda of symptom, I ALWAYS look it up. So that’s what I did and from what I said it was, it kept coming up as a boil. After reading about what they were and everything, it sounded like that was what I had gotten. I had found ways to heal it and everything and decided to give that a try.

At this point everyday it was hurting now so much, I was taking Advil every 4-6 hours just to keep the pain away cause sometimes just moving would hurt it. Everyday after school I would come home to and soak a wash clothes in hot water and let that sit on my boil for as long as it was hot to try to shrink it and open it up. Once it opened up a little I was able to squeeze it and pus and blood (sorry TMI) were coming out of it. Hoping that would help I would do that about once a day or so and then put Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin and a band-aid on it so it wasn’t leaking.

It seemed like it was there for a long time. Finally after about a month I woke up one morning to go to work and my shirt was covered in blood, it had leaked from my band-aid and was dripping down my side as well. Along with that, I was in so much pain I called my mom crying. I tried to take the day off too because it hurt so bad, but I missed the window to take off so I had to go to work to let them know I needed the day off. So I cleaned myself up, and tried to get more of the blood and pus out of it. Whenever I would do that though, more would just keep running out. It finally stopped and I put a band-aid and gauze on it, put my clothes to get ready to leave. As I was leaving, I noticed it had already leaked through the gauze, the band aid and was on my shirt again.

I had to leave so I left it and just put a paper towel in between it all to help soak it up and drove to work. I let my teacher know right away and I left again. When I got home I tried to push more of it out, and finally “the core” of the boil started to come out. That must of been why it started bleeding so much and why it hurt so bad that day. It was out and it didn’t hurt as bad which was good. I put more Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin and stuff on it. After a few days I noticed it was starting to heal and was closing up. What felt like forever had only been about a month.

Wait, there was more. I don’t know when I noticed these but I had two bumps in that same armpit, but this time with no pimple like heads in the middle. They didn’t hurt as bad but they were pretty red and puffy. I thought maybe they were boils again, so I started using hot compresses on them.  No heads appeared though, and they weren’t going away. After about another month, maybe a little less than that, my mom and I went to the Minute Clinic that they have at some CVS stores to see if they could tell me what it was.

Good news they weren’t boils, they were abscesses, probably got them from having my boil and the type of infection it was (a staph infection). Abscesses are small pockets of pus under your skin, the only way you can get that out is by having them drained. For it to be drained they have to make a small cut in it and squeeze the pus out of it. Bad news, she said I needed to go to an Urgent Care and have them drain them for me. I was so nervous, but knew I would feel a lot better after that.

So my mom and I go to the Urgent Care, I get checked in and they finally call me back. They take a look at them and said yeah that’s what they are and she was going to drain them. OMG, that hurt so bad. She put small cuts in both and would give me small shots of numbing stuff so it wouldn’t hurt when she squeezed the pus out. I was crying and screaming bloody murder. Once it was done though I  felt so much better. I also had to start taking an antibiotic just in case it was Staph infection. I had to take it twice a day for about 4 to 5 days, and it made me so nauseous and I barely ate.

Once I had those taken care of I thought it was over again. Nope, not quiet. First one of the abscesses that they had just drained healed, but then decided to open up again, because their was more stuff in it and leaked all over my shirt one night. I also then found in my other armpit another bump. It didn’t hurt at all, it wasn’t red, and didn’t have a head either. It was probably like a week or two later that I went back to Urgent Care to have them drain that one as well so I could be rid of all this.

The same doctor that looked at my first two looked at this one and said she didn’t think it was ready to be drained and it might just be a cyst, and it could go away on its own. Come in again though if it gets bigger and red. About a week later from that, I noticed it started getting a lot bigger and really red. So instead of going back I called my regular doctor. I actually went in that day to see him. He looked at it and said he couldn’t drain it, I would need to see a general surgeon at Riverside and he would drain it for me. I was also put back on the antibiotics and he also thought I might have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is when your sweat glands and hair follicles get clogged and you get abscesses from them that are painful. They would come and go and you could get flare ups at certain times of the month or just whenever.

The next day I went to the general surgeon, I was so nervous and I woke up around 4 that morning with my heart racing really fast cause I was so nervous. When I got in there  they looked at it and he said he thought I had Hidradenitis Suppurative as well and  he could either drain it or I could wait and see what happened in a week. I just had him drain it so I could be done with it. He did and it felt so much better after. A week later I had a follow-up appointment to see how it was healing, and he said things looked great. If I ever had a flair up, he told me to just call him and he would look at them or whatever and I was allowed to shave again. Yes I hadn’t shaved in over two months because I was afraid with the bumps in my armpits, I just had to make sure I used shaving cream.

This all finally ended about the second week of October. Since then I haven’t had an other abscesses in my armpits or boils. I have gotten the occasional pimple in my armpit that I would freak out about thinking it would turn into one, but never did. I have also started using deodorant again, I was using baby powder while this was all going on too because I was afraid of what would happen. The one big thing is, I shave again. I don’t do it as often, but when I do I make sure to use lots of shaving cream. Also you would never know I had them really. I have a little scar where my most recent one in October was drained, but it’s very faint and I have a small one from my boil on my side. I am so thankful I have not gotten anymore since then. I also don’t think it’s Hidradenitis Suppurative,  because I haven’t had any others and with that you get them often. I think it was from stress, my new deodorant and shaving.

Sorry it was so long, but I had to share. See you back here soon!!

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Where I’ve been

Hello lovely readers,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. My last blog post was back in August when I wrote about what I got my bridesmaids and then a school update a few days before. So where have I been since then? I don’t really have an answer for that, other than being lazy. I had all these ideas I , but I never sat down at my computer and wrote them. I have missed it though, so I here I am. I actually have a post that I am going to write once I am done with this one. I could of just combined this and my next one together but hey, two in one day. Sorry it was so short and see you in the next post.




Hello lovely readers,

Sorry for the delay in putting up my travel diary. I have been home for a week and even though I am still on summer break I have been busy helping my mom take care of my grandma. Also I have been on Pinterest like 24/7 looking for ideas for decor and stuff for my wedding. Yes! I got engaged as you can tell by the title. He proposed July 3, while in Michigan.

Like 3 weeks ago I had mentioned to my boyfriend that my mom could put him on our phone plan but only once we were engaged. He then proceeds to say that he shouldn’t say anything but he was thinking of  maybe proposing while at the lake. And he had it all planned out too. We had our own little private dock at the little cottage we were staying at and that’s where he wanted to do it. He was also going to have the ring hidden in a game boy where the batteries go so I wouldn’t find it.  When he said that my mind was going in over drive of thinking really? Will he do it? Did he have a ring yet?  I would be so excited and I felt that we were ready to take that next step. We have been together for almost 3 and a 1/2 years, and we have been living with each other for a year already. I didn’t want to ask if he really was and ruin the surprise but I had to know. But the week before we left for the lake I kept sending him pictures of a certain ring that I loved and where he could find it and the hours of the store. As well as remind him how many more days he had to get a ring. Even if he didn’t propose at the lake, he knew what ring I liked. Yes it would have been disappointing if he didn’t propose, but our time would eventually come.

The first day we got there it was pretty late so I figured he wouldn’t propose that first night we were their if he actually had a ring. The next day he Kayaked and spent time in the water. Around 4 or so that day we decided we were going to go back and get showered and cleaned up before dinner because we were both sweaty from being outside all day. So we went back and showered and everything and headed back to my family’s house. While dinner was being prepared Bradley and I were out sitting on the back porch with my mom and some of my other family members and I was getting cold. My mom told me to go out on the dock because it was warmer out their. I did not want to do that, I kept saying it wouldn’t be much warmer, I was just going to go get a sweatshirt. But she just kept telling me to go down their and Bradley said let’s go down their. So we walked down to the dock and it was not that much warmer btw. When we got down their though I was just standing their to trying to warm up and Bradley was behind me with his arms around my shoulders. Then he said I have a surprise for you. I turn around and he is getting down on one knee, with a ring in his hand and said “Will you marry me?” When I saw him on one knee I said, “Bradley stop.” I had wanted this so bad, but it got me off guard when he actually proposed though. But of course I said yes and during the whole thing, my family was up on the porch watching and recording it.



This is from today but my ring made my fingers look fat when I first got it because it was too small. I’ll insert a picture though somewhere.


After dinner and all the excitement of telling his family and calling my grandma they had a toast for us with Blackberry wine (and I hate wine, but it was very good) and wine glasses with all the Michigan Lakes on them. So now we will have them to remind us of where we got engaged.

Later on that night Bradley my boyfriend  fiancé told me all about getting the ring and how nervous he was about me finding it in the house. He had bought it on Monday night after work, but instead of keeping it at our house he kept it at his parents. Also on the day he proposed he had my sister drive over to our little cottage we were staying at and pick it up and had her leave it in the bathroom. Right before he proposed he pretended to go to the bathroom, but got the ring and put it in his pocket. He is so adorable and I love him so much.

Everyone is so excited, as well as myself. As I mentioned earlier in the post I have been on Pinterest 24/7 pinning decor ideas and picture ideas for the actual day and our engagement pictures which we plan to have in September. While on vacation we picked our date and we are doing July 17, 2017 (7-17-17). Along with our date we have chosen the colors yellow and gray as our main colors, with accents of pink. On Sunday we also went and looked at venue possibilities and found one that we both love. So this Friday my mom and I are going to go and talk more to the special events coordinator at the venue and sign a contact to set our date in stone. (We didn’t actually sign the contract though on Friday. When I called I said I wanted to come in and talk about having a wedding there, so we set up a meeting and I thought we would sign a contract that day. But I was not specific enough and he had another couple coming as well at the same time to show them around as well. But we set up another meeting with him for Monday to actually sign the contact. We finally signed the contract though, which is very exciting. I will leave pictures below of what the venue looks like) I am in love with the venue and can not wait to be able to start planning where things will go and getting things figured out. I also can’t wait to be Mrs. Cantrell and spend my life with him making new memories as husband and wife.

And don’t worry I will bring you along on the journey and be sharing things we have picked and everything to do with our wedding. I hope you enjoyed and look out for the travel diary of the actual trip coming tomorrow or by the end of the week.




This is where we will get married under the pergola and chairs will be set up on the side of the walk way.


If you looked straight out from the pergola this is at the other end. We are thinking of filling the fountain with ice and then putting wine and beer in the tiers and then a table for other stuff in front for the bar area.


This is the patio where we will have all the tables for the reception


And this is the room where we will have the food and deserts. And then when dinner is over we will move stuff aside and we will have room to dance.