Essentials for the car!

Hello lovely readers!

In 17 days I am leaving for Florida and I am so excited. This time instead of flying, we are driving. That means 14+ hours in the car. I am not looking forward to that but it will be an adventure for sure. Since I will have 14+ hours in the car, that means I need things to keep me entertained when not talking to everyone or sleeping.

  1. Kindle app on iPad – I love reading and never know how fast I will finish a book. Instead of bringing a few physical books, I like having my iPad and the Kindle app, that way I can still have many options and I only have to carry one “book”
  2. Earphones and phone with Spotify- Who doesn’t love music, and I love Spotify. I have the premium membership so I can save all my favorite songs and listen to them over and over
  3. Snacks- It wouldn’t be a road trip without some good snacks. We will be stopping along the way for meals, but you never know when you will get hungry
  4. Water bottle- Got to stay hydrated! I have to make sure I don’t drink too much though so I don’t have to go to the bathroom when were not planning on stopping anytime soon. I plan to go or try each time we stop though so hopefully that won’t happen

I’m sure I won’t be doing much reading or listening to my own music since there will be 3 other people in the car,  but I will have it just in case. Never hurts to be prepared. These are things I will be bringing anyway, but I’ll just have them close by in case I need them in the car. I’m sure too I might think of other things to help me survive the long trip. I hope you enjoyed!


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My travel diary from Michigan

Hello lovely readers,

It’s a little late but here it is, my long-awaited travel diary from Michigan. Also sorry it is so long, but alot of it is picutes. Our adventure started on July 2, 2016. Our first flight that morning left around 1, which meant we had to be at the airport at 11. Once through security we found our gate and then got food. And of course we had to get Starbucks. I got a Strawberry Acia made with lemonade instead of water and a greek yogurt parfait. And to make the time go buy we played on our computers and I wrote a blog post as well. Around 12:30 the airline started calling people to start boarding. Of course we had another flight to catch right after that flight and they started boarding that flight almost as soon as we got off our first flight. But around the time everyone should be on the plane, they say that they are going to stop boarding because their was a malfunction with the plane and they needed to get someone over to check it out. When I heard that, I started freaking out. We had another flight to catch right after this one and if this took to long we might be late.

It ended up not taking long to fix since it was not something major. Once it was clear they finished boarding and about 10 minutes later we were ready to go and on our way to Atlanta, Georgia. Our first flight got in on time, which was good and now we had to get to our next gate. And of course the airport was huge, we had to walk the whole length of the airport, go up a floor and walk the whole length of the airport again to get to the next gate. We got our steps in for sure that day. Once at that gate we only had to wait about 10 minutes before they started boarding that flight, and we even got to Travers City, Michigan early.

When we got to Travers City though, that was a whole new adventure. We arrived about 15 minutes early and that airport there is very small. Of course there were two or so other planes trying to get to gates as well and they only had about 5 gates. So we had to wait on the run way for that 15 minutes, plus another 20 or so. First we were waiting for a gate to open up, but they said we were just going to get off on the run way. To do that though we had to wait for workers to be free to watch us get off. It was a mess. We finally were allowed off about 45 minutes later and we set off to find my cousins. We found them and drove back to the house and that took about 45 minutes as well. By the time we got back to the house it was about 7.

Our first day there we just ate dinner, took a tour of our cabin and my family’s house. As well as some of my family took a sunset cruise as they called it on the boat and we made s’mores. I will attach  pictures below of the house and pictures taken that night. I only have pictures from the outside, but Bradley has some of the inside if I can get them I will attach them later.


The first night we were there we stayed till about 11 or so and when we got back to our cabin we crashed and didn’t get up till 10 the next day.

July 3, 2016

The next day we spent all day outside. Bradley went kayaking with my mom, a bunch of my family went on the boat, and then my sister, my cousin Micheal, my aunt Lynn, and her friend Patty stayed behind and just laid out on the dock. And once my mom and Bradley came back they laid out with us as well.

Around 4 or so Bradley and I went back to our place to shower and change out of our swimsuits and headed back for dinner. While we were waiting for dinner Bradley proposed! I wrote a post about it before this so I will link it below if you would like to read it. But it was the best day of my life and I am so excited to start a new chapter of my life with him as my husband starting next summer.

After dinner and the excitement of the engagement, the family went on another sunset cruise after the sun set and while they were out they watched fireworks. Bradley and I stayed back though and we played cornhole and made a bonfire and had s’mores.

When Bradley and I got back to the cabin we finished the wine from when we toasted our engagement, had chettos and some cherries as well. Yes I know random combo and then we discussed wedding dates and colors, well it was mostly me but I was excited.

July 4th, 2016

Today was basically like yesterday. We hung out on the dock or people went out on the boat. I hung out on the dock for a little bit, and then hung out inside and was on Pinterest looking at wedding stuff because I was just so excited.  After dinner all the boys (my uncle Mark, my cousins Kyle, Matthew, Josh; Bradley and my sister went on the boat and went tubing) Below are some pictues. As well as some of the sunset.

Of course we had another bonfire and s’mores. Then Bradley and I went back to the cabin to shower and pack up since we were leaving in the morning.

July 5th, 2016

Today our flight left around 4:30 I think, so we had to be at the airport at 2:30. Before we left though we had breakfest at the house and took a family picture since we didn’t before a majority of the family left.

After that we left and ran a few arrends with my mom, aunt Diane and aunt Lynn before they drop us off at the airport. At the airport we had lunch, and just hung out at the terminal and talked. Our flight left at 4:30 and we were flying to Minneapolis, Minisota before going back to Ohio. Since they are an hour behind we got their at 4:30 as well, and our next flight didn’t leave till 7:20 (8:20 our time), which would get us home about 10:30. This is where it gets intersting though. Right as we pulled up to the gate in Minneapolis is started to rain. We didn’t think to much about it since you can still fly in the rain. But we had about two hours to kill before our flight took off. So we walked around the airport and Bradley got some hockey stuff. As well as eat dinner and charge our phones and computers.

But wait, no our flight got delayed because the rain was so hard. Now instead of leaving at 7:20 we were leavnig at 9:50(10:50 our time), getting home at almost 1. Now what were we going to do. Well we walked around since we knew we had time and just to stay awake and we got Starbucks. To make the story even better our flight got delayed so many times because of rain, that we ended up not leaving till about 11:30 (12:30 our time) and getting home around 2:30. Instad of having a two hour layover, we had a 7 HOUR LAYOVER. But spent 12 hours in two airports combined.

Finally we made it home, and Bradley’s parents picked us up. Before going home though we went to Waffle House and had a early breakfest then went home and crashed. Over all it was a really fun trip and one I will remember forever. I hope you enjoyed this post and sorry for it being so long. I probably didn’t need to tell you everything, but I doubt anyone will read it anyway like I always say. Who cares though. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it and see you back here soon for a post about wedding dress shopping, or a more in depth of my planner.



They had this right as we got off the plane in Minneapolis and a few more all over the airport.