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Look at this, another blog post in a week. Today I am here to write an update about how my first few days of schools went and to vent about it. First let me give you a little back story. Last year I was at a middle school, and then about a month into the year my student moved, so I was transferred to an elementary school. They had mentioned to me when I got transferred, that I might have to ride the bus with one of our students whenever she started. This student had been home schooled her first few years of school and was now in 3rd grade and mom was putting her in public school, but she hadn’t sent the paper work in yet. Finally in October mom sent the paper work in and the little girl was going to start. She had seizures or could have them, so she needed someone to ride the bus with her to school, then ride home with her. When I first heard this news I started freaking out, cause I didn’t know what to expect or anything. But I would drive to my school at 6:30 and get there at 7:00, and the bus driver would pick me up from the parking lot. We would then go pick the little girl up and finish the route. At 10:45 (she was only part day since it was her first time at school ever) I would take her home. I had to do this 3 times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It was pretty annoying since it wasn’t all three days in a row. As the end of the year was coming to an end I was excited because she was moving out of our classroom, and that meant she shouldn’t be my responsibility anymore. Another attendant was going to take it over for me, and I was pumped. I was able to sleep in a little and leave at normal time now finally everyday.

Now fast forward to this year. The first day of school, the day was going great so far. I went on a break, then I came back and my teacher looks at me and says, “I have bad news. G had a seizure over the summer.” OH CRAP!! I knew what that meant, they probably wanted someone to ride the bus with him now. I looked at her and said, “I have to ride the bus with him don’t I?” Sure enough I did. I was pissed and so upset. She told me to that I would have to ride the bus to school with him and home. After hearing the news I felt like I was going to cry. I texted my husband at my lunch and was telling him about it, and I felt like I was going to cry just texting him about it.

Later in the day, I found out I had to ride the bus home with him that day. Then the bus driver would have to bring me back to my car. I was not happy about that. And wait till you hear what the plan was going to be each day. Since we already had one attendant on the bus with the little girl from last year on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we decided we didn’t need two attendants on the bus in the morning with G. So this lady would drive to the bus garage on Monday’s, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 and get all the kids. She would then drop them off at the school and ride the bus drivers second route that lasted till 8:15, ride back to the garage to get her car, then drive to school. The first day she did this she didn’t get back till 9:00 and we start school at 8:00. Since she was doing three days a week and taking the little girl home at 10:45, I would take G home everyday after school and then do Wednesdays and Fridays.

Oh wait, there’s more. So get this, everyday that I would take him home, I would have to stay on the bus after I dropped G off at 3:00 and ride with the bus driver to pick up his second route, take them all home and then get dropped off at my car. Which he said I wouldn’t get back to my car till about 4:30. No thank you. On Wednesdays and Fridays I would drop my car off at a nearby elementary school close to me at 6:30 and ride the bus to get the kids and stay at school. Then I would take G home and have to ride the bus on the route like I just mentioned. So Wednesdays would be my longest day, since I would be getting up at 5 and not getting home till about 5 that night. My only short day would of been Friday, since the bus drivers second route is before my school. So I would take the kids home, and then get back to the second elementary school by 3:15 and I would get home by 3:20.

I was not happy about any of this after thinking about it more in depth. I would be gone for so long and I liked getting home early. Also it wasn’t fair that I was doing all the afternoons when the first lady was doing just three mornings a week and I was doing two plus the afternoons. I was also crying everyday after school when I got home and hated my job. Finally on Friday I was crying again to my mom, and that’s when she helped me come up with the new plan.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the first lady would drive to G’s house and leave her car there. She would then get on the bus with G and get the little girl from last year and the rest of the students. After school she would ride the bus home with just G and then be able to get in her car and drive home. She would also take little girl home at 10:45. I would then do the same thing expect just for G on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are so many good things about this new plan now too.

  1. I will get to leave work by 2:30 now and get home by 2:45 three days a week
  2. I only have to take G to school and home two days a week
  3. I will be closer to home when I leave my car at G’s house

Plus the first lady is taking a class for her school and she wants to finish up, and she should be in about two weeks. Once that is done she said she would probably take the full 5 days and that means I would only have to do 4 days of this. Sorry another plus is that the first lady is leaving in September so they will be hiring someone to fill her spot, so my teacher said we can put in the new persons job description that they take on both G and the little girl, all 5 days. I am pretty pumped now. The plan before was so messed up and didn’t make any sense at all. I am so glad my mom helped me figure this new solution out because I would of been crying everyday I’m sure or dreading work everyday. Tomorrow is my first day of getting to leave at like 2:30 and I am so excited. Then Wednesday will be 1 of the hopefully 4 days I have to ride the bus.

Sorry for such a long post, and I hope that made sense if anyone does happen to read this.


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