I’m that kind of wife

Hello lovely readers!

Have I mentioned to you all that I am going to Florida in 16 9 days now? I’m just messing with you, I know I have. I’m really excited if you can’t tell. Anyway today’s post is going to be all about how I made my own shirts for Disney.

Since I have known I was going to Disney I started looking on Etsy for cute shirts I could buy to wear while at the parks and a matching shirt for my husband as well. Yes like the title said I am that kind of wife. We have tons of matching things and I love it. Last year on our honeymoon we wore matching shirts each day we went to the parks and we also have matching shoes, jackets and sunglasses now.  I also knew I wanted to lose weight before going and I would need to order shirts around May or so. So instead of buying shirts that are kind of expensive, plus shipping, I thought why not make my own shirts. I have a Cricut machine and I can probably buy SVG files on Etsy.  So thats what I decided to do since I would be able to make them the way I want and everything.

The supplies I needed to make them:

Shirts-I got mine at JoAnns. The gray ones are for my husband and I for matching shirts, and the pink one is for a second shirt for me since we are going for two days.


Next I got Iron On Vinyl from JoAnns. We were originally going to use Dark Blue. We tried it, but we messed our shirts up 😦 we we went back and go new shirts in the same color but got Black Iron on instead.img_1911.jpg

I then bought the SVG files off Etsy and then printed the files off in the size I wanted on the Iron on.

Here are the final products:

My Husbands



My shirts

Front with my monogram on my sleeveIMG_1954



My second shirt and with my monogram on my sleeve


I can’t wait to wear them and hope you enjoyed this post.


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8 days into summer

Hello lovely readers!

WOW! I’ve already been out of school for 8 days, work days that is and so much has already happened. First major news, I GOT A PROMOTION!!! I use to be a Special Ed Attendant, but now I’m a Special Ed Assistant. Last Wednesday they called and said they had been working on it for a while and finally got it worked out. I guess some of the other attendants had been complaining, probably about doing assistant works and not getting paid like one. They then decided to just change everyone over then, so now we are all equal. Getting this promotion also means I get a raise, and I get 5 more dollars and hour then what I was making. I am so pumped!!

We leave for Florida in 17 days and I am getting so excited, and to get ready I have been walking 2-3 miles every morning. I haven’t noticed any big changes on the scale, I have noticed changes in the way my clothes fit though, and I’ll take that. I still have about 3 weeks before we leave, so I’m hoping to see more change by the time we leave. I have also been trying to get a base tan before we leave, so while I am texting my husband on his lunch break, I have been sitting outside to get some sun.

I have been working on my scrapbook a lot too. It’s actually my gift for my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary. I am including things from our engagement, our wedding day, our honeymoon and things we have done together each month leading up to our anniversary. I have all of our honeymoon, engagement and I just finished our wedding pictures. Now time to crack down on each month. Some months I didn’t have many pictures, so those will be easy.

This summer break I have also had a lot of doctors appointments or have some coming up. I already had one scheduled for my regular doctors for my annual on the 15th and that was going to be my only one this summer that I knew of. Last Tuesday though I was just sitting on the couch and I felt something on my tongue. I took it out and it was hard, but hadn’t eaten anything that was that hard. I then notice my tongue is feeling my teeth and something feels weird on my front teeth. I go to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and to my shock the hard piece in my hand was an old cavity. It just fell out for no reason. That meant a trip to the dentist.

Thankfully I was able to get in that afternoon to get it filled back in. While their though they mentioned I hadn’t been in for a cleaning in awhile, so I made one for the day after we got back from vacation. After thinking about it though, I didn’t want to worry about it while on vacation (since I don’t like the dentist) I decided to see if I could make one for sooner. I actually went today and I feel so much better, but I had a few cavities that I actually have two more appointments to fill them. I have one this Wednesday and then next Wednesday, then I will be all fixed and won’t have to think about it till my next cleaning in December. That also means I won’t have to worry over vacation about having to go to any sort of doctors, which I am happy about.

Other than that stuff, I have just been hanging out with the hubby, family, friends, and reading. I am reading a book called A Whole New World in the Twisted Tales Series. They are based off the Disney movie but like its called its twisted so the story ended up differently. I really like it so far and can’t wait to read the other ones. What a fun summer so far lol. I hope you enjoyed

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Essentials for the car!

Hello lovely readers!

In 17 days I am leaving for Florida and I am so excited. This time instead of flying, we are driving. That means 14+ hours in the car. I am not looking forward to that but it will be an adventure for sure. Since I will have 14+ hours in the car, that means I need things to keep me entertained when not talking to everyone or sleeping.

  1. Kindle app on iPad – I love reading and never know how fast I will finish a book. Instead of bringing a few physical books, I like having my iPad and the Kindle app, that way I can still have many options and I only have to carry one “book”
  2. Earphones and phone with Spotify- Who doesn’t love music, and I love Spotify. I have the premium membership so I can save all my favorite songs and listen to them over and over
  3. Snacks- It wouldn’t be a road trip without some good snacks. We will be stopping along the way for meals, but you never know when you will get hungry
  4. Water bottle- Got to stay hydrated! I have to make sure I don’t drink too much though so I don’t have to go to the bathroom when were not planning on stopping anytime soon. I plan to go or try each time we stop though so hopefully that won’t happen

I’m sure I won’t be doing much reading or listening to my own music since there will be 3 other people in the car,  but I will have it just in case. Never hurts to be prepared. These are things I will be bringing anyway, but I’ll just have them close by in case I need them in the car. I’m sure too I might think of other things to help me survive the long trip. I hope you enjoyed!


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Summer is here!!

Hello lovely readers,

As you can see from the title, I am on summer break!!! If your new here you might not know, but I am a special ed attendant in a school. So yesterday was my first official day of summer. I was planning on writing this post yesterday and posting it, but my husband got home and we made dinner and just hung out. I am also still on my work schedule so I  am tired by like 10 or so because I wake up at 6:15 when his alarm goes off. If your new here as well you might not know I got married almost a year ago, I have some posts on here about the wedding if your interested.

I didn’t post this yesterday like I said but I am here on my second full day of summer break to tell you about my summer plans and how the end of the school year went. Do I have any plans this summer? YES I DO!! In 29 or 28 days depending on when we are leaving, me, my husband, his cousin/my friend, and her husband are driving to Florida (I’m not driving though since I don’t drive freeways) and going to DISNEY!! I am so excited, not about driving there, but about getting there. 14+ hours in the car does not sound fun at all. It will be a long drive, but it will be an adventure.

We are planning on leaving  early (I think) Friday June 22nd or early Saturday June 23rd to start driving there, and getting there sometime in the evening whatever day we are leaving. We will then have 7 or 8 days, and then leaving on Sunday July 1st to come home. Two of the days while we are there we are going to Disney, and the other days we will go to the beach and Disney Springs. And I’m sure play putt putt, maybe Universal as well. I am so excited though, I have been counting down since February when we officially planned on going.

The hubby and I actually went to Florida for our honeymoon and went to Universal Studios and Disney while we were down there. We mentioned to our friends that we should come down all together since they had never been and it would be a lot of fun. When we got back we kept talking about it, and then finally in February we sat down and actually planned it out and committed to it. So now here we are so close to actually leaving. I am just so excited!!!!

After that trip, I don’t have any other summer plans that I know of. The husband and I celebrate our first anniversary on July 17th, which I can’t believe its already been a year almost. I’ll probably just hang out the rest of the summer, hanging out with friends and family until next school year starts again in August. We are not going to think about that yet though because summer just began.

So how did the school year go? It was pretty good, it was pretty rough at the beginning to the point that I hated my job so much. If you don’t remember at the beginning of the year, actually the first day of school we found out one of our students had a seizure over the summer. That meant that someone needed to ride the bus with him, and since I’m the attendant that was my job.

I rode the bus the previous year, 3 days a week just in the morning. Now they wanted me to ride morning and afternoon. We had another attendant riding the bus as well with the student I rode with the previous year, so we were splitting it, but it was just all messed up. From this I got so stressed and cried every day after work that I got a boil. Thats another LONG story.  Soon the other attendant left though and I was doing the whole week.

Thankfully we were hiring someone new soon to take the other attendants position that was helping me with the bus and they were going to put in their contract that they would need to ride the bus with the students. That meant I would be off the hook. Until they hired someone, we still needed someone to ride the bust with the students though. My principle asked if I wanted to do it still and I told her NO. She asked around and none of the other assistants/attendants wanted to either, but since I had done it all last year and then this year so far it was only fair if we took turns. Long story short we each took turns, even though it made things tense between us all because they were all pissed they had to do this.

Finally they hired someone and they took over, so that meant I was off the hook. Guess again, the new person was not reliable at all. They called off like every Monday and so someone had to fill in. So when he couldn’t, we would get a text asking if we could ride the bus the next day or whatever. I thought I was done with this. In December the new person quit, after only working there for like 2 or 3 months. Yes, that meant we had to do the bus again till they hired someone else. They hired someone again pretty quickly, so that was good. And my student didn’t need a bus aide after the first of the year, so that was one less issue as well. All in all I think I had to ride the bus like 4 more times once we did the bus rotation and we had problems with our new attendants.

Once all the bus stuff was figured out, the rest of the year was pretty good. Our students had their moments and some days were more draining then others, but not as bad as the beginning of the year. It’s finally summer though and I can relax and not worry about school till the beginning of August when I start dreading that summer is ending soon and I have to go back. Wow that was a long story.  Now that its summer though, what does that mean for the blog? I hope it means I will post more. I am going to go on a walk after I post this, then think of things I can write about this summer when I get back. I’m not going to promise any kind of schedule, because when I do I never stick to it. So I am just going to write and post when I do. Hope to be back soon with another post and I hope everyone has a great summer.

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What I got my bridesmaids!!

Hello lovely readers,

I got married a month ago, but I thought I would still share what I got my bridesmaids. The first thing I got them were these shirts from Etsy, long sleeve men dress shirts with there monogram on it. I got one as well, expect in white. Mine also had my wedding date on one cuff and then “I DO” on the other cuff. We all wore them to when we got our hair done and they were so cute on.

I also got them two Alex & Ani bracelets, one with small blue beads and one with a big clear crystal. They wore them on the big day and they are able to wear them again.


This was a short one, but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe will give you inspiration if you have to buy gifts for your bridesmaids.


Coming up on the blog:

-All about our honeymoon 

-What I want in my future dream house









I’m on a roll…

Hello lovely readers!!

Look at this, another blog post in a week. Today I am here to write an update about how my first few days of schools went and to vent about it. First let me give you a little back story. Last year I was at a middle school, and then about a month into the year my student moved, so I was transferred to an elementary school. They had mentioned to me when I got transferred, that I might have to ride the bus with one of our students whenever she started. This student had been home schooled her first few years of school and was now in 3rd grade and mom was putting her in public school, but she hadn’t sent the paper work in yet. Finally in October mom sent the paper work in and the little girl was going to start. She had seizures or could have them, so she needed someone to ride the bus with her to school, then ride home with her. When I first heard this news I started freaking out, cause I didn’t know what to expect or anything. But I would drive to my school at 6:30 and get there at 7:00, and the bus driver would pick me up from the parking lot. We would then go pick the little girl up and finish the route. At 10:45 (she was only part day since it was her first time at school ever) I would take her home. I had to do this 3 times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It was pretty annoying since it wasn’t all three days in a row. As the end of the year was coming to an end I was excited because she was moving out of our classroom, and that meant she shouldn’t be my responsibility anymore. Another attendant was going to take it over for me, and I was pumped. I was able to sleep in a little and leave at normal time now finally everyday.

Now fast forward to this year. The first day of school, the day was going great so far. I went on a break, then I came back and my teacher looks at me and says, “I have bad news. G had a seizure over the summer.” OH CRAP!! I knew what that meant, they probably wanted someone to ride the bus with him now. I looked at her and said, “I have to ride the bus with him don’t I?” Sure enough I did. I was pissed and so upset. She told me to that I would have to ride the bus to school with him and home. After hearing the news I felt like I was going to cry. I texted my husband at my lunch and was telling him about it, and I felt like I was going to cry just texting him about it.

Later in the day, I found out I had to ride the bus home with him that day. Then the bus driver would have to bring me back to my car. I was not happy about that. And wait till you hear what the plan was going to be each day. Since we already had one attendant on the bus with the little girl from last year on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, we decided we didn’t need two attendants on the bus in the morning with G. So this lady would drive to the bus garage on Monday’s, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 and get all the kids. She would then drop them off at the school and ride the bus drivers second route that lasted till 8:15, ride back to the garage to get her car, then drive to school. The first day she did this she didn’t get back till 9:00 and we start school at 8:00. Since she was doing three days a week and taking the little girl home at 10:45, I would take G home everyday after school and then do Wednesdays and Fridays.

Oh wait, there’s more. So get this, everyday that I would take him home, I would have to stay on the bus after I dropped G off at 3:00 and ride with the bus driver to pick up his second route, take them all home and then get dropped off at my car. Which he said I wouldn’t get back to my car till about 4:30. No thank you. On Wednesdays and Fridays I would drop my car off at a nearby elementary school close to me at 6:30 and ride the bus to get the kids and stay at school. Then I would take G home and have to ride the bus on the route like I just mentioned. So Wednesdays would be my longest day, since I would be getting up at 5 and not getting home till about 5 that night. My only short day would of been Friday, since the bus drivers second route is before my school. So I would take the kids home, and then get back to the second elementary school by 3:15 and I would get home by 3:20.

I was not happy about any of this after thinking about it more in depth. I would be gone for so long and I liked getting home early. Also it wasn’t fair that I was doing all the afternoons when the first lady was doing just three mornings a week and I was doing two plus the afternoons. I was also crying everyday after school when I got home and hated my job. Finally on Friday I was crying again to my mom, and that’s when she helped me come up with the new plan.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, the first lady would drive to G’s house and leave her car there. She would then get on the bus with G and get the little girl from last year and the rest of the students. After school she would ride the bus home with just G and then be able to get in her car and drive home. She would also take little girl home at 10:45. I would then do the same thing expect just for G on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are so many good things about this new plan now too.

  1. I will get to leave work by 2:30 now and get home by 2:45 three days a week
  2. I only have to take G to school and home two days a week
  3. I will be closer to home when I leave my car at G’s house

Plus the first lady is taking a class for her school and she wants to finish up, and she should be in about two weeks. Once that is done she said she would probably take the full 5 days and that means I would only have to do 4 days of this. Sorry another plus is that the first lady is leaving in September so they will be hiring someone to fill her spot, so my teacher said we can put in the new persons job description that they take on both G and the little girl, all 5 days. I am pretty pumped now. The plan before was so messed up and didn’t make any sense at all. I am so glad my mom helped me figure this new solution out because I would of been crying everyday I’m sure or dreading work everyday. Tomorrow is my first day of getting to leave at like 2:30 and I am so excited. Then Wednesday will be 1 of the hopefully 4 days I have to ride the bus.

Sorry for such a long post, and I hope that made sense if anyone does happen to read this.


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-All about our honeymoon 

-What I got my bridesmaids 

-What I want in my future dream house 



It’s a sad sad day :(

Hello Lovely Readers!!

Did I write any of the posts I plan to write this summer? Nope, I am so bad at this. I feel bad when I don’t post, but no one reads this so I shouldn’t. I really like writing posts thought, I just need to a least try to post at least once a week or a few times a month. I can’t make any promises though. Today though I am here to write about what I did this summer, because starting tomorrow I go back to work. I love my job, don’t get me wrong. After having almost 2 and 1/2 months off of work, its hard to go back. I’m usually fine for the first few months, then after that I am ready for the summer again. I can’t wait for the day, (hopefully) that I can be a stay at home mom and just stay home with my kid(s) all day. I want to be able to watch them grow and see all the milestones and be the best wife and mother ever.

 I’m off topic, so what did I do this summer?

About a week after school was out, I was in my best friends wedding as one of her bridesmaids. I also spent a lot of time making list after list of things I needed to do for my wedding that was in July, and working on wedding crafts. At the beginning of July I went to Clam Lake with my grandma for my surprise bridal shower that my aunts threw me, and to just hang out with the family. It was a lot of fun though. My aunts rented a party bus, and everyone (my mom, aunts, grandma, sister and cousin) went to lunch, then we walked around this cute shopping area. It was so much fun, and I got some great gifts. I got a huge bag of all these different spices from a store up there, small knick knacks for the kitchen (a honey pot, creamer cow, small grater) two cookbooks (one about how to use spices and another one of different recipes you can use the spices I got), different pre made soups or dips, and a box with recipes from my family. I appreciated everything I got. Here are some pictures from that day.



The rest of the trip was fun as well, I just hung out with my family and hung out by the lake. Here are some pictures from that.



Once I got back from Clam, I worked on finishing up wedding crafts and just getting ready for the wedding in general. I also had my bachelorette party two days before the wedding.I wasn’t into going out to party, my family and friends and I went to a paint studio and did a canvas painting party and it was so much fun. Here are some pictures of wedding stuff I did and the bachelorette party.





Then of course there was my rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, my wedding and then our honeymoon. I will do another post on the honeymoon, on what we did and show you some of the pictures it. I took so many but I will show you my favorite. Once we got back from the honeymoon I just hung out at home, relaxing and getting ready to go back to work. Now its the night before the first day of school and summer went by so fast. I am excited to start this year, but also bummed. I know right? Before I go I’ll show you some of my favorite pictures from the wedding that I got from random people.



Now its time to go get ready for tomorrow :(. I hope you all had a great summer and I hope you enjoyed this post.


Coming up on the blog:

-All about our honeymoon

-What I got my bridesmaids

-What I want in my future dream house