What I got my bridesmaids!!

Hello lovely readers,

I got married a month ago, but I thought I would still share what I got my bridesmaids. The first thing I got them were these shirts from Etsy, long sleeve men dress shirts with there monogram on it. I got one as well, expect in white. Mine also had my wedding date on one cuff and then “I DO” on the other cuff. We all wore them to when we got our hair done and they were so cute on.

I also got them two Alex & Ani bracelets, one with small blue beads and one with a big clear crystal. They wore them on the big day and they are able to wear them again.


This was a short one, but I hope you enjoyed it and maybe will give you inspiration if you have to buy gifts for your bridesmaids.


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It’s a sad sad day :(

Hello Lovely Readers!!

Did I write any of the posts I plan to write this summer? Nope, I am so bad at this. I feel bad when I don’t post, but no one reads this so I shouldn’t. I really like writing posts thought, I just need to a least try to post at least once a week or a few times a month. I can’t make any promises though. Today though I am here to write about what I did this summer, because starting tomorrow I go back to work. I love my job, don’t get me wrong. After having almost 2 and 1/2 months off of work, its hard to go back. I’m usually fine for the first few months, then after that I am ready for the summer again. I can’t wait for the day, (hopefully) that I can be a stay at home mom and just stay home with my kid(s) all day. I want to be able to watch them grow and see all the milestones and be the best wife and mother ever.

 I’m off topic, so what did I do this summer?

About a week after school was out, I was in my best friends wedding as one of her bridesmaids. I also spent a lot of time making list after list of things I needed to do for my wedding that was in July, and working on wedding crafts. At the beginning of July I went to Clam Lake with my grandma for my surprise bridal shower that my aunts threw me, and to just hang out with the family. It was a lot of fun though. My aunts rented a party bus, and everyone (my mom, aunts, grandma, sister and cousin) went to lunch, then we walked around this cute shopping area. It was so much fun, and I got some great gifts. I got a huge bag of all these different spices from a store up there, small knick knacks for the kitchen (a honey pot, creamer cow, small grater) two cookbooks (one about how to use spices and another one of different recipes you can use the spices I got), different pre made soups or dips, and a box with recipes from my family. I appreciated everything I got. Here are some pictures from that day.



The rest of the trip was fun as well, I just hung out with my family and hung out by the lake. Here are some pictures from that.



Once I got back from Clam, I worked on finishing up wedding crafts and just getting ready for the wedding in general. I also had my bachelorette party two days before the wedding.I wasn’t into going out to party, my family and friends and I went to a paint studio and did a canvas painting party and it was so much fun. Here are some pictures of wedding stuff I did and the bachelorette party.





Then of course there was my rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, my wedding and then our honeymoon. I will do another post on the honeymoon, on what we did and show you some of the pictures it. I took so many but I will show you my favorite. Once we got back from the honeymoon I just hung out at home, relaxing and getting ready to go back to work. Now its the night before the first day of school and summer went by so fast. I am excited to start this year, but also bummed. I know right? Before I go I’ll show you some of my favorite pictures from the wedding that I got from random people.



Now its time to go get ready for tomorrow :(. I hope you all had a great summer and I hope you enjoyed this post.


Coming up on the blog:

-All about our honeymoon

-What I got my bridesmaids

-What I want in my future dream house 


Hello lovely readers!

Guess who’s back? If you guessed me, you are right! I am sorry I am so bad at this. I have tons of ideas written down and days to write them, but then I got lazy and never wrote them. But I have missed it, like I always say and I am back, hopefully for a longer.

Today I am going to share with you some mini hauls from my birthday and what I have gotten for my honeymoon so far.

This year for my birthday I didn’t really ask for much, but I did ask for things for my honeymoon or just money.  From my fiancé he got my a weekender bag from Vineyard Vines. I was going to use it as my carry on for the plane, but once I got it, it was too big to fit under the seat. I plan to still use it though for small trips and when I go to Clam Lake.

IMG_0097I got the Heritage Patchwork weekender, but now they have the American Cup Heritage Weekender. They are pretty pricy, but they have lots of room and are great quality so it will hold up for a long time.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without getting money as well. With some of my money I planned to buy myself a Fitbit. Instead though my lovely fiancé bought me my Fibit as well. I got the new Alta Fitbit HR in coral. I am loving it and its so much better to count my steps instead of carrying my phone all the time. It’s small to compared to the other ones and perfect for my small wrist.


Now since I didn’t have to buy my Fitbit, I went to JoAnn’s and bought myself some goodies.

I also plan to buy some things from Blitsy that I have been eyeing for a long time, once I get more money on payday.

Also in 2 months I get married and I have been buying things for my honeymoon. One thing I wanted for sure that I have been eying is the L.L Bean Boat Tote. I have seen many posts on blogs about and how great they are. So I finally bought one in May and I love it. I haven’t used it yet, but I plan to save it and use it as my carry on for the plane or for sure my beach bag.


I got the large one in navy with long handles. And of course I had to get my new monogram on it. I bought a beach blanket from L.L bean as well that is small enough to carry in my suitcase and easy to pack in my beach bag as well. Its pretty big though when its spread out, and I love to that it has pockets where you can put sand so it won’t blow away.


I plan to get some cute shirts from Etsy too for Bradley and I, which I will show in a haul once I get them and if I get anything else.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!!


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-What I got my bridesmaids

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6 Months till the big day

Hello lovely readers!!

I hope you all had a great holiday and a great start to the beginning of 2017. I love that time of year because I’m off work for two weeks. I wish it was always like that lol. Hopefully one day I can be a stay at home wife/mom. As you know Bradley and I are getting married, and as of today we are 6 months (180 days) away from becoming Mr and Mrs. When we first got engaged I thought it would feel like forever to reach the actual day.

But now it feels like it is flying by, and I feel like we still have so much to do. If I look at it though we have a lot of the major decisions made, so now its just getting little things in order. I think the only other major decision we have to do is picking our flowers and ordering them. As well as making sure all the guys get their tuxes. I am so glad though I have my mom here helping me because I feel like I would not be able to do any of this without her.

Also this weekend my mom, my soon to be mother law and cousin in law are going to address save the dates. Once we get those sent out I feel like it will really feel real and then soon we will be addressing actual invites and sending those. I am getting so excited. I keep bugging Bradley about all the things him and I need to do and I’m pretty sure he’s getting annoyed with me. Deep down though I know he’s excited as well. Soon though him and I are going to book our honeymoon and pick our rings out.

I planned to show my engagement pictures after we got them back, but I will just show some of my favorites below. I hope you enjoyed todays post and look out for upcoming ones.

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-My goals for 2017


Wedding Updates

Hello lovely readers!

I’m back and with some wedding updates. Since I last posted my post saying we got engaged, I mentioned at the very end that our colors were going to be yellow and gray. But since then we have changed our mind and we are going with navy and coral. Bradley and his best man and groomsmen will wear navy tuxes with coral ties. The bridesmaids and my maid of honor will wear either navy dresses or coral, I’m not sure which color yet.


This is what Bradley and his best man will wear. The groomsmen will wear coral ties. 

Also soon after we got engaged my mom, sister, her roommates and I went to Davids Bridal to look at wedding dresses, and not sure if I would find the one, I did. I am so in love with my dress and can’t wait to wear it again on the actual day. I have pictures of me in my dress on my phone and I will look at it sometimes and fall in love all over again. I want to show you guys so bad, but I’ll wait till the after the wedding or closer to the day.

We also booked our photographer recently and I am so excited, and I also can’t wait for our engagement pictures, which we plan to do once the leaves have fallen or started turning colors.

Going along with my dress, two weeks ago my mom and I went to JoAnn’s and got some pearls and diamonds for my tiara headband I am wearing and we got stuff for our center pieces. We weren’t planning on it but we were just looking around to see for the future and the pieces we liked were on sale, so we just bought them. We got these wooden box drawers that are kinda worn looking and we are going to put mason jars inside with flowers in the mason jars. For the boxes we got a small size that will fit two side by side,and a bigger one that will also have two but room in between them. We also got fabric that we will use as table runners over a white table-cloth. Going along with decor as well, we want to put Sheppard hooks on both sides of the aisle with mason jars or just jars with hooks on them and put flowers in those as well. After the ceremony then we will use those as decorations and give them out as gifts to moms and grandmas after. I will also post below pictures of inspiration for the aisles and centerpieces.

During that same shopping trip we got this wish jar for our guest book as well. Inside it comes with tickets that say wish for you and they can write a wish for us as newly weds on the back. I might do another guest book where they just write their name or another message too but I’m not sure yet.

Also as of yesterday we are 10 months away from the wedding. I was going to post this on the actual day but we got busy so I am posting it today. But I am so excited and before I know it, we will be 6 months and then a month away and then it will be here. We also hope to get food figured out this month or next and our cake/cupcakes as well. Come back Wednesday for a fall Pinterest inspiration post. I will see you then and hope you enjoyed this post. I will keep you updated on another else wedding related as it comes up.


All about my wedding binder

Hello lovely readers

For today’s post I am giving you a look inside my wedding binder and how I have organized it. If you are planning your own wedding, you know there are many contracts and other details you will want to keep together. Thats where a binder or book comes in hand. I got my pages from Etsy, but there are a ton of wedding books that are already put together or you can make your own. I will link the Etsy pages I got below along with pre made ones you can buy. Lets drive right into my binder.

Here is a look at my binders cover, as well as my sticker from the Bridal Expo.


The next page in my binder is a cover sheet that says “Our Wedding” where you can put your partners and yours name; the date your got engaged; the day your getting married; your wedding colors; where your ceremony and reception are; your officiant; where you honeymoon will be and the wedding party. I would show you, but its already filled out. After that page I have my first section which is the month by month checklist. The  checklist starts at 12+ months and has all the things you should be getting done in the first month if your engaged a year or if you are going to be engaged longer than a year. Their is also a list of things for 9 to 12 months, 6 to 9, 3 to 6, 2 to 3, 1 to 2, 3 to 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, a day before, and the big day. The lists are so helpful and will help you stay on track of planning.

My second section is things to do. In this section I have a sheet for each month leading up to my wedding that says things to do this month and then a calendar for that month. On these sheets I write down the things from the checklist that I need to do that month. And on the calendar I write down appointments that I have had or that are going to happen. Their are also sheets that say things to do this week and a daily planner. Those will be helpful when I am coming down to the wire and have lots of things to get done or many appointments.

The third section is the guest list.This one is pretty self explanatory. There is a sheet for you to write down your guest list. Behind those sheets I have a wedding guest contact list I will write all the guests addresses and I will be able to check off to if they RSVP’ed and then check off when I mail their thank you card out. This will be so helpful before the wedding and after.

The fourth section I have is the budget. Another self explanatory section. You can write down the estimate cost of whatever you are paying for, if you have to pay a deposit and the actual amount.

The fifth section is the registry checklist. If you are registering, this list will have everything you could want and need for your house/apartment or condo. And its broken down by sections of the house.

The sixth section is bride and groom attire. Here I have a sheet for the bridal gown planner, where you can write down your favorite styles, colors, lengths, ect. and then favorite dresses that you have found at stores. You can also draw a picture of dresses if you would like. As well as all about that “one” that you have found. There is also a sheet to write down the style # of accessories, where you get/got it and the price of the item. And their is also a sheet for the groom attire planner. On this sheet you can write his measurements, any alterations and accessories they will need.

The seventh section is beauty and hair. Their were no sheets for this,but I added this section. In this section though I have tips for make up looks, when to start make up trials and how to keep your hair up of before the wedding. As I know what I really want or find out what I want I will print out a picture of the look or hair style and keep it for later.

The eighth section is bridesmaids and groomsmen attire. Here I have a sheet for both girls and boys to write down the party, their measurements and what style dress or suit they like and will be getting. I also have a book of bridesmaids dresses styles and colors in this section where I have circled the colors of my wedding and dresses I like that the girls could get if I go that route that of having everyone match.

The ninth section is venues. This is where I keep all the contracts and information I have on the venue. Along with a contact list of my vendors I am using. Also in this section I have a list of questions to ask major vendors. Once I fill them out or I put them back or with the contact and other information I have for that place.

The tenth section is things to buy, this section I have sheets for wedding bands, wedding flowers, wedding decor, and stationery. Also in this section I store any coupons I have gotten from WeddingPaperDivas and Minted, which are online stores you can order invitations, save the dates; anything paper related for your wedding. You can also get a packet of free samples from each company where you can see all the colors, paper types, ect. I am thinking of getting save the dates and invites from one place or one thing from each company. Here are links as well for the free samples

Minted free samples

Weddingpaperdivas free sample

In this section I also have a list I wrote myself of things I need/want to buy before the wedding, like my garter, shoes, bridesmaids gifts, ect.

My eleventh section is for the bridal shower planner. Here you can write down your guest list, and any details for the shower.

My twelfth section is the bachelorette and bachelor party planner. This is the same for the bridal shower.

My thirteenth section and almost last section I promise is for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. In this section there is a checklist of things to do and another sheet just like the bridal party/bachelorette party planner. They also added another sheet of the guest list that you can check off if you invited that person, if they RSVP’ed and that they received an itinerary for the big day if they need one.

The fourteenth section is the big day. This is the biggest section, here you have a wedding day timeline to organize when things will be done and when it all starts. Then you have a wedding day transportation sheet if you need it. There is then a music planner, here you can write down when certain songs will be played. Then the ceremony planner, of how the ceremony will go, same for the reception. Then I have a reception menu planner, so once you figure out your food you can write the menu down and drinks you will be serving as well. Then I have blank sheets for songs that you both like and wanted play and songs you don’t want to be played. At the very end of the section I have a list where I can write down all the gifts we receive, who there from and that we sent a thank you card.

My fifteenth section is the seating chart. Here you get sheets of all the tables and who will be sitting where and where you can actually have the table picture and write who will sit their as well. I won’t be using a seating chart, but if I change my mind I will have it.

The sixteenth section is for the honeymoon. Here you can plan where you are going, and if you will be doing any fun activities. As well as a packing list for both you and your partner. The nice thing is their is a weather tracking chart on top of the packing list so you can plan accordingly.

And my last section is things to do after the wedding. Here there is a sheet of when you change your name, a list of things you will want to change. And a list of other little things you will want to do as well, like freeze the top layer of your cake, ect.

Whoa, a lot of sections I know sorry. But in the end it is very helpful and you will be glad that you had a binder/book. This download I bought from Etsy does not come in the order I have mentioned but you can feel free to sort it anyway you would like. I hope this was helpful though. Here is a link though to the download I got as well as other downloads you can buy from Etsy or pre made books from Barnes and Noble.  Again I hope you enjoyed and see you back for another post soon.

My Wedding Binder

Option #1 from Etsy

Option #2 from Etsy

Barnes and Noble option # 1

Barnes and Noble option # 2




Hello lovely readers,

Sorry for the delay in putting up my travel diary. I have been home for a week and even though I am still on summer break I have been busy helping my mom take care of my grandma. Also I have been on Pinterest like 24/7 looking for ideas for decor and stuff for my wedding. Yes! I got engaged as you can tell by the title. He proposed July 3, while in Michigan.

Like 3 weeks ago I had mentioned to my boyfriend that my mom could put him on our phone plan but only once we were engaged. He then proceeds to say that he shouldn’t say anything but he was thinking of  maybe proposing while at the lake. And he had it all planned out too. We had our own little private dock at the little cottage we were staying at and that’s where he wanted to do it. He was also going to have the ring hidden in a game boy where the batteries go so I wouldn’t find it.  When he said that my mind was going in over drive of thinking really? Will he do it? Did he have a ring yet?  I would be so excited and I felt that we were ready to take that next step. We have been together for almost 3 and a 1/2 years, and we have been living with each other for a year already. I didn’t want to ask if he really was and ruin the surprise but I had to know. But the week before we left for the lake I kept sending him pictures of a certain ring that I loved and where he could find it and the hours of the store. As well as remind him how many more days he had to get a ring. Even if he didn’t propose at the lake, he knew what ring I liked. Yes it would have been disappointing if he didn’t propose, but our time would eventually come.

The first day we got there it was pretty late so I figured he wouldn’t propose that first night we were their if he actually had a ring. The next day he Kayaked and spent time in the water. Around 4 or so that day we decided we were going to go back and get showered and cleaned up before dinner because we were both sweaty from being outside all day. So we went back and showered and everything and headed back to my family’s house. While dinner was being prepared Bradley and I were out sitting on the back porch with my mom and some of my other family members and I was getting cold. My mom told me to go out on the dock because it was warmer out their. I did not want to do that, I kept saying it wouldn’t be much warmer, I was just going to go get a sweatshirt. But she just kept telling me to go down their and Bradley said let’s go down their. So we walked down to the dock and it was not that much warmer btw. When we got down their though I was just standing their to trying to warm up and Bradley was behind me with his arms around my shoulders. Then he said I have a surprise for you. I turn around and he is getting down on one knee, with a ring in his hand and said “Will you marry me?” When I saw him on one knee I said, “Bradley stop.” I had wanted this so bad, but it got me off guard when he actually proposed though. But of course I said yes and during the whole thing, my family was up on the porch watching and recording it.



This is from today but my ring made my fingers look fat when I first got it because it was too small. I’ll insert a picture though somewhere.


After dinner and all the excitement of telling his family and calling my grandma they had a toast for us with Blackberry wine (and I hate wine, but it was very good) and wine glasses with all the Michigan Lakes on them. So now we will have them to remind us of where we got engaged.

Later on that night Bradley my boyfriend  fiancé told me all about getting the ring and how nervous he was about me finding it in the house. He had bought it on Monday night after work, but instead of keeping it at our house he kept it at his parents. Also on the day he proposed he had my sister drive over to our little cottage we were staying at and pick it up and had her leave it in the bathroom. Right before he proposed he pretended to go to the bathroom, but got the ring and put it in his pocket. He is so adorable and I love him so much.

Everyone is so excited, as well as myself. As I mentioned earlier in the post I have been on Pinterest 24/7 pinning decor ideas and picture ideas for the actual day and our engagement pictures which we plan to have in September. While on vacation we picked our date and we are doing July 17, 2017 (7-17-17). Along with our date we have chosen the colors yellow and gray as our main colors, with accents of pink. On Sunday we also went and looked at venue possibilities and found one that we both love. So this Friday my mom and I are going to go and talk more to the special events coordinator at the venue and sign a contact to set our date in stone. (We didn’t actually sign the contract though on Friday. When I called I said I wanted to come in and talk about having a wedding there, so we set up a meeting and I thought we would sign a contract that day. But I was not specific enough and he had another couple coming as well at the same time to show them around as well. But we set up another meeting with him for Monday to actually sign the contact. We finally signed the contract though, which is very exciting. I will leave pictures below of what the venue looks like) I am in love with the venue and can not wait to be able to start planning where things will go and getting things figured out. I also can’t wait to be Mrs. Cantrell and spend my life with him making new memories as husband and wife.

And don’t worry I will bring you along on the journey and be sharing things we have picked and everything to do with our wedding. I hope you enjoyed and look out for the travel diary of the actual trip coming tomorrow or by the end of the week.




This is where we will get married under the pergola and chairs will be set up on the side of the walk way.


If you looked straight out from the pergola this is at the other end. We are thinking of filling the fountain with ice and then putting wine and beer in the tiers and then a table for other stuff in front for the bar area.


This is the patio where we will have all the tables for the reception


And this is the room where we will have the food and deserts. And then when dinner is over we will move stuff aside and we will have room to dance.