Disney Infinity 3.0

Hello fellow readers! I am back as promised with my updated Disney Infinity characters/packs. In my previous post on my other blog I had mentioned that Disney Infinity 3.0 was coming out in August. And of course I picked it up. This time the game is based around Star Wars since Disney just bought it. So when you buy the game you get the game, the base, two characters (Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano) and the play set (Twilight of the Republic). With the release of Disney Infinity 3.0 they have released a lot of the Star Wars characters, some Disney characters and Marvel characters. Below is a list of all the characters you can get, as well as the playsets [The ones striked through are the ones  have]

Star Wars Characters:



-Poe Dameron

-Kylo Ren

-Anakin Skywalker

-Ahsoka Tano 


-Darth Maul

-Obi Wan Kenobi

-Luke Skywalker

-Princess Leia

-Han Solo


-Darth Vader

-Boba Fett

-Ezra Bridger

-Kanan Jarrus

-Sabine Wren

-Zeb Orrelios

Disney Characters:







-Sam Flynn


-Mickey Mouse

-Minnie Mouse



Marvel Characters:



-Captain America: The First Avenger (not out yet but will be soon)

Star Wars Playsets:

-The Force Awakens

-Twilight of the Republic

-Rise against the Empire

Disney Playsets:

-Inside Out 

Marvel Playsets:

-Marvel Battlegrounds

This year too if you pre ordered the game at Game Stop you received the new toy box expansion games free. Of course I liked getting free stuff, so I pre ordered the game and got the toy box game free. They have two now but that game you got free was called Toy Box Takeover. The storyline of the game is that Syndrome from the Incredibles stole Merlin’s magic wand. With the wand he has created new worlds based off Disney,Star Wars and Marvel worlds, but with villains invading them. Now it is up to you (your the character of your choice) to get through the level and save the toy box before Syndrome ruins it forever.


Along with Toy Box Takeover they also came out with Toy Box Speedway. Which is basically like MarioKart but Disney characters, cars and Disney themed tracks. I don’t have the Toy Box Speedway expansion yet, but I love MarioKart. This game will for sure be on my list of stuff to get after Christmas.


I hope you enjoyed todays post, and have a good night.

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