6 Months till the big day

Hello lovely readers!!

I hope you all had a great holiday and a great start to the beginning of 2017. I love that time of year because I’m off work for two weeks. I wish it was always like that lol. Hopefully one day I can be a stay at home wife/mom. As you know Bradley and I are getting married, and as of today we are 6 months (180 days) away from becoming Mr and Mrs. When we first got engaged I thought it would feel like forever to reach the actual day.

But now it feels like it is flying by, and I feel like we still have so much to do. If I look at it though we have a lot of the major decisions made, so now its just getting little things in order. I think the only other major decision we have to do is picking our flowers and ordering them. As well as making sure all the guys get their tuxes. I am so glad though I have my mom here helping me because I feel like I would not be able to do any of this without her.

Also this weekend my mom, my soon to be mother law and cousin in law are going to address save the dates. Once we get those sent out I feel like it will really feel real and then soon we will be addressing actual invites and sending those. I am getting so excited. I keep bugging Bradley about all the things him and I need to do and I’m pretty sure he’s getting annoyed with me. Deep down though I know he’s excited as well. Soon though him and I are going to book our honeymoon and pick our rings out.

I planned to show my engagement pictures after we got them back, but I will just show some of my favorites below. I hope you enjoyed todays post and look out for upcoming ones.

Coming up on the blog:

-What I got for Christmas and in my stocking

-My goals for 2017



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