Gift Ideas for the procrastinator

Hello lovely readers!

5 days left and Bradley and I still need to shop as you know from yesterdays post. We are actually going today once Bradley gets off work. With only 5 days left here are some ideas that you can get at stores and a great gift they will be sure to love.

For Her:

For the craft lover:

Cricut Explore Air 2 or Silhouette CAMEO 3

Prismacolor colored pencils

For the makeup lover:

Gel nail kit

Naked palette

For the cooking lover:

KitchenAid Mixer

Gold Measuring cups/Gold Measuring spoons

For the coffee/wine lover:


Wine glasses/Wine glasses

For Him:

For the video game lover:

PS4 Pro/Xbox One

PS4 games/Xbox One games

For the tech lover:

Nest Thermostat

GoPro Hero

Most of these are expensive but maybe they already have one of these things, but their are tons of accessories that go with them. Like cartridges for the Cricut, paper pads,ect. Next year (and I hope I am still doing this) I want to try to get these posts done sooner and different price ranges. Good luck if you still need to shop and have a great holiday.



Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the procrastinator(s)

Hello lovely readers!

There are 6 days left and my fiancé and I still have shopping to do. I know we are not the only ones who put it off. For those of you who still need to shop, then you have stopped by the perfect post. If you do stockings for a special lady or man in your life, here are some last minute ideas for you.

For Her:

For the makeup lover- Nail Polish, Makeup, Face Masks, gift card to ULTA or Sephora

For the crafter- Washi tape, alcohol markers (Copic, Spectrum Niors),  gift card to [JoAnn’s, Michaels,  or Hobby Lobby]

For the book lover- Amazon gift card for Kindle books, Barnes and Noble gift card for Nook books

Other gift card options-Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Home Goods, Fast food restaurants, Barnes and Noble, ect.

Movie, Wallflower plug and refills, kitchen gadgets, Alex and Ani bracelet(s)

For Him:

For the video game lover: GameStop gift card, actual video game they want

His favorite cologne/body spray


Small Lego Sets

Gift cards-Amazon, Best Buy, The LEGO store, fast food restaurants

I hope these ideas help and your special person loves their stockings this year. Here is also a list of 101 stocking stuffer ideas. Have a great holiday!

Stocking stuffer ideas


Deck the halls

Hello lovely readers!

Can you believe it, Christmas is in 6 days. This year I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me. Bradley and I also have barely shopped for anyone yet. We have two things that we got around black Friday/cyber Monday and crafts we have made, but as for getting the rest of the gifts, we still need to do that. Anyway on to what this post is really about, our Christmas decorations up around the house. We put our decorations up the first weekend in December and I loved how our house looks. I meant to do a blog post (this one right here) on the day we put up our decorations, but of course something came up and I never got around to it. But its never to late so here you go.

Our lights up outside



The candle is Flannel from Bath and Body Works

This year we got our first tree topper and I am in love with it. When I saw it at the store I fell in love because its a sparkly star and the cherry on top, it lights up the ceiling and spins. I tried adding a video, but I can’t because I don’t have a premium membership. The last picture is what it looks like on the ceiling, but it does not do it justice. The star is from Target though and I will leave a link below.


The little tree in our craft room

Also through out the house we have Christmas hand towels and Christmas/winter wallflower scents all over the house. I love decorating for Christmas and wish I could keep it up longer then a month. I also can’t wait to get a house of my own so I can have more decorations up all over the house and to be able to buy more/different decorations. I hope you all have a great holiday.



Star Tree Topper


Christmas Traditions

Hello lovely readers!!

Once December comes around that means Christmas time. An with Christmas comes traditions. Each year since I can remember my family and I would do all of these things. But things have changed since then since were older.


Every year on December 1st I would get so excited because that meant 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family. Like a week or so before they would release the schedule and as soon as it was out I was writing it down. If their was a certain movie that I loved watching and wanted to see I would circle or highlight it so I knew. And even if I watched it already I would watch it again. Now that I don’t have cable I can’t watch it, but most of the movies I watched I have bought and can watch whenever I want.

With Christmas comes lights. Each year around Thanksgiving the zoo close to me decorates almost all the trees in the zoo and sets up a whole light show in the pond in the center of the zoo. Almost each year I have gone with friends and we would get many pictures. Now I go with Bradley and sometimes other friends. I love seeing all the lights and its so pretty.

Every year since I can remember my sister and I would get to open one gift on Christmas Eve and every year it would be a pair of new PJ’s. We would get a new pair each year to wear  to bed that night so when we came down on Christmas morning we would look nice. As we got older my mom has kept that tradition and look forward to it each year. Starting about 5 years ago or so after putting on our new PJ’s, my mom, sister, Bradley, a guy Emily was dating and I would get in the car and go downtown and look at all the lights.

When I was younger we would go to church but instead of just sitting through the service my sister and I would participate in the Christmas pageant. Then for a while we went to the midnight service, but now we go to the 1 o clock service in the chapel.

Ever since I started dating Bradley we have gone over to his house on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas with his parent, uncle and grandma. We eat dinner and then exchange gifts with everyone. Since we celebrate with my mom in the morning and both his sides on Christmas, Christmas Eve was the best time. It’s always fun though because we go to church at 1 with my family. Then go to my grandma’s and have cookies and exchange gifts with her neighbor. And then at dinner time we go over and after we come back and open PJ’s and go look at lights.

I loved having traditions when I was younger and keeping them going now that I am older. Once Bradley and I get married and start a family I can’t wait to start our own traditions and keep some of the old traditions as well. I hope you enjoyed this post and share your own Christmas traditions if you would like. And look for another post coming soon.



Favorite Holiday Movies

Hello lovely readers,

I failed. I had all these blog posts for November and I posted like 2 of them, and I’m late on posting all my posts for December so far. So I will post all my December posts that I’ve missed between today and the end of December.

With December starting that means all sorts of holiday/Christmas things. One things I love about the holidays is watching holiday/Christmas movies. Below is a list of my favorite movies that I love watching each year.



How the Grinch Stole Christmas


The Year without a Santa Clause


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Holiday in Handcuffs


The Nightmare before Christmas


This was a short post but next post will be my Christmas Traditions. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know what your favorite Christmas movies are.