September Faves!

Hello lovely readers!

I can’t believe today is the last day of September. I feel like it just started, but now that is October it means that we are almost another month closer to my wedding and Bradley’s and I’s engagement pictures. Today’s post though is all about the things I have been loving this month.


This month I have loved wearing my white converse. They go with anything I wear, but they get dirty fast.



This month I have loved wearing my engagement ring (of course) as well as my Alex and Ani bracelet with my birthstone and my Pandora bracelet (not pictured, and its upstairs and too lazy to go take a picture of it. I will add it it later maybe). I use to just wear my Pandora bracelet, but tried on my Alex and Ani one and I loved wearing them together. So now I wear them both everyday.


TV Shows: 

This month I have loved watching the show Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. I actually just finished all 4 seasons that are on Netflix. I also just started the show Supergirl which is a CW show but the 1st season is on Netflix. And I am watching New Girl again and have been loving that as well. Fall shows are coming back again as well and I have been loving season 2 of Scream Queens on Fox, as well as a new show called Notorious. Bradley and I also started watching Game of Thrones and we love watching it on the weekends.


This month I started using Spotify again and I love it. I love how you can listen to music you have liked over and over and if you have the premium membership you can download the songs to Spotify and then listen to your music while offline. I love Pandora don’t get me wrong, but you can’t listen to music over again like Spotify.


I hope everyone had a great September. I will see you back tomorrow for the first day of October and for my post about my favorite halloween movies. Have a great night!


P.S. There are 290 days till my wedding!!!



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