Wedding Updates

Hello lovely readers!

I’m back and with some wedding updates. Since I last posted my post saying we got engaged, I mentioned at the very end that our colors were going to be yellow and gray. But since then we have changed our mind and we are going with navy and coral. Bradley and his best man and groomsmen will wear navy tuxes with coral ties. The bridesmaids and my maid of honor will wear either navy dresses or coral, I’m not sure which color yet.


This is what Bradley and his best man will wear. The groomsmen will wear coral ties. 

Also soon after we got engaged my mom, sister, her roommates and I went to Davids Bridal to look at wedding dresses, and not sure if I would find the one, I did. I am so in love with my dress and can’t wait to wear it again on the actual day. I have pictures of me in my dress on my phone and I will look at it sometimes and fall in love all over again. I want to show you guys so bad, but I’ll wait till the after the wedding or closer to the day.

We also booked our photographer recently and I am so excited, and I also can’t wait for our engagement pictures, which we plan to do once the leaves have fallen or started turning colors.

Going along with my dress, two weeks ago my mom and I went to JoAnn’s and got some pearls and diamonds for my tiara headband I am wearing and we got stuff for our center pieces. We weren’t planning on it but we were just looking around to see for the future and the pieces we liked were on sale, so we just bought them. We got these wooden box drawers that are kinda worn looking and we are going to put mason jars inside with flowers in the mason jars. For the boxes we got a small size that will fit two side by side,and a bigger one that will also have two but room in between them. We also got fabric that we will use as table runners over a white table-cloth. Going along with decor as well, we want to put Sheppard hooks on both sides of the aisle with mason jars or just jars with hooks on them and put flowers in those as well. After the ceremony then we will use those as decorations and give them out as gifts to moms and grandmas after. I will also post below pictures of inspiration for the aisles and centerpieces.

During that same shopping trip we got this wish jar for our guest book as well. Inside it comes with tickets that say wish for you and they can write a wish for us as newly weds on the back. I might do another guest book where they just write their name or another message too but I’m not sure yet.

Also as of yesterday we are 10 months away from the wedding. I was going to post this on the actual day but we got busy so I am posting it today. But I am so excited and before I know it, we will be 6 months and then a month away and then it will be here. We also hope to get food figured out this month or next and our cake/cupcakes as well. Come back Wednesday for a fall Pinterest inspiration post. I will see you then and hope you enjoyed this post. I will keep you updated on another else wedding related as it comes up.



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