Books I love reading over and over

Hello lovely readers

I am back and actually sticking to the schedule I have written out for myself. For todays post as you can see by the title is books I love reading and love reading over and over. I love reading, and have read so many books over the year. I have about 15 books right now that I have bought that I have not read. And I’m over here re reading a book I have already read so many times. They are all great books though.

  1. Harry Potter series
  2. Hunger Games series
  3. 50 shades of Grey series
  4. Selection Series
  5. Divergent Series
  6. Twilight series 

If you haven’t checked these series out you should. I will leave links of where you can buy them and you can check them out for yourself. Sorry this post was so short I thought it would be a lot longer. But I have another post going up on the 21 for sure and their may be one in between this one and that. I hope you enjoyed and see you soon.



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