All about my wedding binder

Hello lovely readers

For today’s post I am giving you a look inside my wedding binder and how I have organized it. If you are planning your own wedding, you know there are many contracts and other details you will want to keep together. Thats where a binder or book comes in hand. I got my pages from Etsy, but there are a ton of wedding books that are already put together or you can make your own. I will link the Etsy pages I got below along with pre made ones you can buy. Lets drive right into my binder.

Here is a look at my binders cover, as well as my sticker from the Bridal Expo.


The next page in my binder is a cover sheet that says “Our Wedding” where you can put your partners and yours name; the date your got engaged; the day your getting married; your wedding colors; where your ceremony and reception are; your officiant; where you honeymoon will be and the wedding party. I would show you, but its already filled out. After that page I have my first section which is the month by month checklist. The  checklist starts at 12+ months and has all the things you should be getting done in the first month if your engaged a year or if you are going to be engaged longer than a year. Their is also a list of things for 9 to 12 months, 6 to 9, 3 to 6, 2 to 3, 1 to 2, 3 to 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, a day before, and the big day. The lists are so helpful and will help you stay on track of planning.

My second section is things to do. In this section I have a sheet for each month leading up to my wedding that says things to do this month and then a calendar for that month. On these sheets I write down the things from the checklist that I need to do that month. And on the calendar I write down appointments that I have had or that are going to happen. Their are also sheets that say things to do this week and a daily planner. Those will be helpful when I am coming down to the wire and have lots of things to get done or many appointments.

The third section is the guest list.This one is pretty self explanatory. There is a sheet for you to write down your guest list. Behind those sheets I have a wedding guest contact list I will write all the guests addresses and I will be able to check off to if they RSVP’ed and then check off when I mail their thank you card out. This will be so helpful before the wedding and after.

The fourth section I have is the budget. Another self explanatory section. You can write down the estimate cost of whatever you are paying for, if you have to pay a deposit and the actual amount.

The fifth section is the registry checklist. If you are registering, this list will have everything you could want and need for your house/apartment or condo. And its broken down by sections of the house.

The sixth section is bride and groom attire. Here I have a sheet for the bridal gown planner, where you can write down your favorite styles, colors, lengths, ect. and then favorite dresses that you have found at stores. You can also draw a picture of dresses if you would like. As well as all about that “one” that you have found. There is also a sheet to write down the style # of accessories, where you get/got it and the price of the item. And their is also a sheet for the groom attire planner. On this sheet you can write his measurements, any alterations and accessories they will need.

The seventh section is beauty and hair. Their were no sheets for this,but I added this section. In this section though I have tips for make up looks, when to start make up trials and how to keep your hair up of before the wedding. As I know what I really want or find out what I want I will print out a picture of the look or hair style and keep it for later.

The eighth section is bridesmaids and groomsmen attire. Here I have a sheet for both girls and boys to write down the party, their measurements and what style dress or suit they like and will be getting. I also have a book of bridesmaids dresses styles and colors in this section where I have circled the colors of my wedding and dresses I like that the girls could get if I go that route that of having everyone match.

The ninth section is venues. This is where I keep all the contracts and information I have on the venue. Along with a contact list of my vendors I am using. Also in this section I have a list of questions to ask major vendors. Once I fill them out or I put them back or with the contact and other information I have for that place.

The tenth section is things to buy, this section I have sheets for wedding bands, wedding flowers, wedding decor, and stationery. Also in this section I store any coupons I have gotten from WeddingPaperDivas and Minted, which are online stores you can order invitations, save the dates; anything paper related for your wedding. You can also get a packet of free samples from each company where you can see all the colors, paper types, ect. I am thinking of getting save the dates and invites from one place or one thing from each company. Here are links as well for the free samples

Minted free samples

Weddingpaperdivas free sample

In this section I also have a list I wrote myself of things I need/want to buy before the wedding, like my garter, shoes, bridesmaids gifts, ect.

My eleventh section is for the bridal shower planner. Here you can write down your guest list, and any details for the shower.

My twelfth section is the bachelorette and bachelor party planner. This is the same for the bridal shower.

My thirteenth section and almost last section I promise is for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. In this section there is a checklist of things to do and another sheet just like the bridal party/bachelorette party planner. They also added another sheet of the guest list that you can check off if you invited that person, if they RSVP’ed and that they received an itinerary for the big day if they need one.

The fourteenth section is the big day. This is the biggest section, here you have a wedding day timeline to organize when things will be done and when it all starts. Then you have a wedding day transportation sheet if you need it. There is then a music planner, here you can write down when certain songs will be played. Then the ceremony planner, of how the ceremony will go, same for the reception. Then I have a reception menu planner, so once you figure out your food you can write the menu down and drinks you will be serving as well. Then I have blank sheets for songs that you both like and wanted play and songs you don’t want to be played. At the very end of the section I have a list where I can write down all the gifts we receive, who there from and that we sent a thank you card.

My fifteenth section is the seating chart. Here you get sheets of all the tables and who will be sitting where and where you can actually have the table picture and write who will sit their as well. I won’t be using a seating chart, but if I change my mind I will have it.

The sixteenth section is for the honeymoon. Here you can plan where you are going, and if you will be doing any fun activities. As well as a packing list for both you and your partner. The nice thing is their is a weather tracking chart on top of the packing list so you can plan accordingly.

And my last section is things to do after the wedding. Here there is a sheet of when you change your name, a list of things you will want to change. And a list of other little things you will want to do as well, like freeze the top layer of your cake, ect.

Whoa, a lot of sections I know sorry. But in the end it is very helpful and you will be glad that you had a binder/book. This download I bought from Etsy does not come in the order I have mentioned but you can feel free to sort it anyway you would like. I hope this was helpful though. Here is a link though to the download I got as well as other downloads you can buy from Etsy or pre made books from Barnes and Noble.  Again I hope you enjoyed and see you back for another post soon.

My Wedding Binder

Option #1 from Etsy

Option #2 from Etsy

Barnes and Noble option # 1

Barnes and Noble option # 2




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