Things I love from A to Z

Hello lovely readers,

Sorry for no posts lately. Since my last post I have been kinda busy. I dog sat for 2 weeks in the beginning of August, I went to my first bridal expo and I started back to work.


We have been in school for 10 days so far and I am already over working with my student. I was over working with her about day 3. We had an aid though last year who was supposed to be here but she quit. So they posted her job just last week and I applied. If I got the job I would be working with all the students and I would have a pay raise. They haven’t had interviews or decided who is getting the position yet, but I can’t wait till they do. Anyway I saw this idea on a list of random blog post ideas. I liked the idea so here you go, a list of things I love from A to Z

A is for

apples (green and honey crisp) and apple products

B is for

Bradley (my fiancé),books and 

Beauty and the Beast (a show on CW)

C is for

Cantrell, my soon to be last name. I have already gotten many things with my new monogram on them  and Coca Cola 

I also have a bag from Thirty One and a necklace from Marley Lilly

D is for


Photo Oct 19, 12 24 52 PM.png

E is for

Emily my sister

F is for

February: February 14,2013 the day Bradley and I became boyfriend and girlfriend,Valentines day,February 16 my fiancés birthday,fall and The Flash (show on CW)

G is for

Grant Gusten (Barry Allen)


H is for

Harry Potter and Hulu


I is for

Ice cream 

J is for

July: July 17,2017 our wedding date and July 3,2016 the day we got engaged


We now have 315 days as of September 5th

K is for

Kathy my mom

L is for

Lola my dog 


M is for

Monograms and Movies

N is for


O is for

Orange is the New Black ( show on Netflix)

P is for

Planners: I love my planner, I had a post at the beginning of July about how I use planner stamps ( ,Pinterest and Penguins 

Q is for

R is for

Ring:I love my engagement ring


S is for

scrapbooking and Sims 4

T is for

Thirty One

U is for

V is for

Vacation and Video Games

W is for

Weddings (I can not wait to get married) and Wife (and being a wife)


X is for

Y is for

Z is for

I have a few blank but those letters are pretty  hard to think of things. But I will fill them in later if I think of anything. I hope you liked this post and I’ll be back soon with another post




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