How I use my planner stamps 

Hello lovely readers! I am back with the post on how I use my planner stamps. Also as I am writing this I am in the airport waiting for my first flight of the day. So let’s get into the post. 

This first picture  (above this) is of my monthly layout for June. When I write or stamp on my monthly I make it short. For example on June 1 I stamped out season premiere. In the weekly view I would do the same thing but go into more detail. Like what show it is and the time it starts. You will also notice I have different colors for different stamps. I have made categories for my planner so I will stamp out things in a certain ink and then have a pen that will match to write things out as well. Below is my key 

Having things color coded is an easy way for me to know what is what and keep things organized. 

Here is my weekly view where I will write out things in more detail. As well as things I need to do around the house, places I need to go or things for my blog. As you can see on Thursday the 23 I stamped out at home and a little house. That day I had do do laundry so I put a washing macine stamp next to the word laundry. If I have a stamp for what I need to do I will use it. It’s just a way for me to use the stamps and it’s cute. I also have what down at the bottom what I am having for dinner using my dinner stamp. Stamps are not for everyone but they are if you want to keep things more organized. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back with my travel diary from vacation and a deeper look into my planner once I am home. 



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