Craft haul from my birthday!

Hello Lovely Readers!

Welcome back! In my last post I mentioned I was going to finally show the stuff I got around my birthday which was May 9th. I know long over due but here it is.

I have been using a planner since for a long as I can remember. Probably since 6th grade at least. When I was in school though I would just use them for school work. I was still a kid, what important things did I have to do. Then came college, I had all my school work in their still but I now worked and had other responsibilities.

Now that I am not in school, I still have a planner and write my work schedule out, doctors appointments and everything else that is important. I even include to do lists if I need to do something that day.

Anyway at first I started just writing down everything I needed to do and things going on. I was on Pinterest or YouTube one day and was looking at Planner things/videos and someone was using stamps for planners. I was into stamps so I figured I would give them a try and see how expensive they were. I got my first planner stamps at SweetStampShop. They had so many different sets and I loved them.

But around my birthday I was on Blitzy and they had Kelly Purkey planner stamp sets on sale. They were pretty much the same as my old ones but had different stamps as well. So I decided to try those ones too. I didn’t want to order from Blitzy but if I had to I would. But guess what?? They were selling some of her planner stamps at JoAnns. SCORE! JoAnns is so close and I had a 20% off everything coupon for my birthday. They didn’t have one or two of the sets I wanted so I ordered them off her website but here are all the sets I got from JoAnns and her website, along with the stamp pads.












Then just recently I also go three more of the sets lol







I also have two more but I don’t have the packaging anymore but I will have a link below for both stamp sets and the website I got them. I am in love with these stamp sets and use them on my monthly layout and in the weekly. Also not only does she sell planner stamps but stamp sets for scrapbooking, kits for scrapbooking and digital products. I hope in the future I can get more of her stuff or more of her stamp sets.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you love planners as much as I do and how you write in yours? Do you use pens and pencils. Or do you use stamps as well like me. On a side note, I hope to get a post up before I leave of how I use the stamps and a look into my planner. If not I will post it when I get back along with my travel diary if I can’t post each day while I am there.

for blog_Fotor (Just the website of everything she sells)

Clearly Kelly: Food Planner

Clearly Kelly: TV Planner


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