Life Update

Hello lovely reader,

I am back! I really do need to get better at this and not say I’m going to post everyday or just stop being so lazy. My last post was in March and it is now June 23, almost July. I told my self I would post more when school ended. Well school ended almost a month ago.

Yes school ended at the end of  May and I have just been relaxing at home and enjoying my time off. Before I know it August will be here and another school year will be upon us. I am not looking forward to that but it’s all a part of being in the schools.

On July 2nd though I am actually going on vacation with my whole family. My aunt and uncle have a house up on Clam Lake by Traverse City ,Michigan. My grandma is going with us but she can’t sit in a car for 7 hours. Which means Bradley and I get the job of bringing her up when we do. We are flying up so it won’t be bad for my grandma. The only sucky thing is the flights are not direct flights so we have layovers between switching planes.

We will be gone from July 2nd to the 5th. While I am there I am going to post each day things we did, which I am going to be calling Travel diares. But it all depends if their is internet where we are staying. If not, I will post when I get home and just combine all the days. Look forward to that.

Along with that post, Bradley and I are re-arranging the house and I am going to show an updated house tour when I am done. And I will link my first house tour below that was from a year ago. Now a year later we are changing it up. When it is done though it will look good.

I can’t make any promises, but I am going to TRY start posting more often. I got a planner from Target (that has a day on a whole page) that I am going to use to put my blogging schedule in. I already have tons of ideas so I just need to plan when I want to write and post them. I would of started using it sooner but it didn’t start till July. I’m hopping I can keep up with it though. I miss writing, even though no one reads this I’m sure. Plus I’m too embarresed to let family or friends know that I am writing a blog. If anyone reads this and thinks I should make a twitter account for my blog though, let me know in the comments.

Tomorrow look forward to a haul post of craft stuff from my birthday that I never posted. It’s good to be back!

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