A day in my life

Hello again my lovely readers! Back now with Saturday March 12. Today’s post is my daily routine. Since I don’t really have a set schedule on the weekends I will go through a work day.

6:20-My first alarm goes off

7:00-7:15- I finally get up and I take my dog out and feed her

7:20-8:20- I then start getting ready. I will either straiten my hair or put it up in a messy bun. I will then get dressed, brush my teeth, get my jelwery, put purfume on, then put my socks and shoes on. Once I am done upstairs I will come down and make my smoothie, along with getting my water bottle ready. Them I am out the door.

8:30-8:40- If I don’t leave at 8:20, I will leave at 8:30 at the least. So depending on when I leave I will get to school between 8:30 and 8:40. Once I get to school I get my student off the bus and get her inside and unpack us both

8:50-School starts and we have math till 9:38 and during each class I just help her as much as she needs me

9:40-10:25- Science class

10:28-11:12-Reading class

11:15-11:58-My lunch and my student has SSR and homeroom

12-12:38-Her lunch and community time

12:40-1:25-English class

1:28-2:12-Graphic Novel class

2:15-3-Learning center (study hall)

3:02-3:50-Social Studies class. About 5 minutes before class is over, I normally take her an get her’s and mine stuff so I don’t have to rush to get her to her bus. Then at 3:50 I take her to her bus and go home

4:05- I am home by now, and as soon as I get home I let my dog out

4:10-5- I just relax and watch TV, play on my phone, and watch youtube videos. And at 5 I feed my dog dinner. Also my boyfriend has been home by 4:30 recently, so I will hang out with him and then around 5 or 6 we start to get dinner ready.

5-10:30-Between dinner and bed time I help get dinner ready. We will then eat and watch TV and just relax some more. Before bed we try to get our lunches ready for the next day, if not then I will write myself a note of what I want to pack. We sometimes shower too between dinner and bed, depending if we just did the night before or not. And then its bed time. We try to go to bed at a somewhat decent time. But thats not always the case. If we do we try to get to bed by 10:30, 11 at the latest. Then the day starts all over the next day.

Now it is actually bed time for me. I still have one post left for Sunday but I will finish that up tomorrow with tomorrows as well. I hope you have enjoyed the extra posts and feel free to comment on the posts if you would like. See you back here tomorrow!!




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