Lets talk about blogging

Hello lovely readers! One of my March goals was to stick with my blog and write everyday of March.  I was doing well the first three days, and after that I said I would write later. Of course though I was too tired and then that was the excuse for the next few days. I am back though and not just one post but 5. Today’s post is about when I started and why?

When did I start blogging?
I started blogging at the end of last year sometime. First I tried wix, but didn’t like that platform. I started researching what site for blogging was best and it was between wordpress and blogger. A lot of people said wordpress was the easiest to use, so mylifeinmanywords was born. Being a perfectionist though I wasn’t liking how my blog was turning out so mylifeinwordss was born, so welcome if this is your first time to my blog. If you are new you can read my all about me or the last two posts that are up and they will tell you even more about me.

Why did I start blogging?
I started blogging after I found blogs on Pinterest and blogs of moms from Instagram. When I found them, I started reading some of their previous blogs and I was hooked. Then all of a sudden I wanted to start my own blog. After I started my blog, I loved it even if I couldn’t/can’t stay up with it. That is my goal though, to stick to it, and I hope I do.

The next post that will go up today will be from last Thursday the 10th. I hope you enjoyed this post and head over to the next 4.





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