Let’s talk about me…again

Hello lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me if you didn’t know me already. I just shared basic facts but today I am going to share with you some ransom facts.

1.I am left handed and the only one in my family

2. I am only 5 feet tall and wear size 5/6 in woman or 3 in men’s. I normally get my shoes in the juniors section though because they are way cheaper.

3. When I was in 10th grade, so 15 or 16 I had to shop at stride rite (a kids shoe store) because they were the only store at the mall I was at that had small enough shoes for me.

4. Penguins a my favorite animals.


5. I was born in a barn with sheep

Hopefully this was a fun little insight to me. I will see you back here tomorrow



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