All about me!

Hello lovely readers! I am back and today this post is all about me. When I first started this blog I had no followers. But now I have about 4 followers since yesterday. Thank you for wanting to follow me and read what I have to say. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

For the new readers here I am Anna. I am 24 and will be 25 on May 9th, I’m getting old. I live in Ohio, nothing exciting to do here. I wish I could live somewhere that was warmer though because Ohio is very bipolar. It’s actually warm here right now though. I am the oldest of my one sister who is 22. For my job I am a special education attendant, so I only work with one student. But I should just become an assistant because I do that job too. When I am not at work I like to watch TV, read, scrapbook (well try), play on my IPad and hang out with my boyfriend. My boyfriend Bradley and I have been together for 3 years this Valentine’s Day and hopefully getting engaged and married soon. I want to start a family with him before I get old. Other then that just living life one day at a time. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and feel free to introduce yourself if you would like.



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