My goals for the month of March 

Hello lovely readers. It is good to be writing again. If you have been reading my blog you would have noticed I started a blog challenge, writing a post everyday. I was doing well for awhile. Around day 14 though I didn’t write and after that it went down hill. I didn’t write anymore, so that was a fail. Since I failed I decided to delete those posts and I am going to start again for the remainder of March. This time I am going to stick to it (at least I hope so. I like writing.) For today’s post, it is all about the goals for the remainder of the month.

1. Walk 2 or 3 times a week and ride my excersize bike as well. Since I haven’t been on here much, I started Weight Watchers with my mom about a month ago to lose some weight and just feel better. Not only is weight watchers about excersizing but it’s about eating a limited amount of “points”. So far with basically just eating my specific amount of points I have lost about 2 pounds almost 3. With walking and riding the bike though I hope to lose weight faster and pant size as well.

2. Keep up with my blog. After being on Pinterest I came upon blogs and then more blogs after that. After reading them I enjoyed reading blogs and it made me want to start writing my own. I tried wix at first but didn’t like it. I then came to WordPress and started mylifeinwords. Being a perfectionist though I started a new site on WordPress, mylifeinwordss. Once I started this one though no one has read these posts, even though they haven’t I still keep up with it. I enjoy writing and hopefully once I get engaged, married and have kids I will have posts to look back on.

3. Work on my scrapbook more. If you know me you know I am a craft supply hoarder. I go to all the craft stores and buy tons of paper pads, stickers, stamps and other crafty stuff, and just store it in my closet. I actually want to put the stuff to good use and scrapbook all my memories in pictures.  So when i actually do have kids I can show them.

4. Read more. When I was younger I would read all the time. Getting older though and working all day wears me out and I just want to relax when I get home. Even if I just go up to bed an hour or so before I want to sleep and just read, I would be happy.

5. Take more pictures. This one goes alone with scrapbooking. Yes I have pictures that I haven’t scrapbooked yet, but I will need more once I have and I want to be able to document all life events that mean something to me. That means take more pictures

And lastly…..

6. Use my planner more. I have a plum planner right now and I try to plan what I need to do or things going on. Some days I will plan a whole week, then others I won’t write anything down for a few weeks. I spend about 40 dollars on my plum planner and I don’t want to waste it by not even using my planner for a few weeks or every few months.

I am going to do my best and stick to these goals and at the end of the month I will fill you in on how it worked out. If you are reading this see you back here tomorrow for another post.



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